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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 27 September - 3 October 2010


Danger of international accord on repressive policies in final ACTA talks, says RSF (RSF)

Five billion now have right to information (ARTICLE 19)

UNHRC should adopt resolution establishing Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Assembly and Association (ARTICLE 19)



MP threatens cameraman; briefly seizes his camera (MFWA)


Authorities maintain their position on newspaper editor's death in prison (RSF)


Senator threatens to close community radio station (CEMESP)


Newspaper publisher arrested and released (MFWA)

Sierra Leone

Radio station receives threats (MFWA)


NUSOJ calls on UNHRC for dedicated action to end free expression violations and the culture of impunity in Somalia (NUSOJ)

Al-Shabaab militants detain journalist (NUSOJ)

South Africa

Authorities urged to drop two bills that threaten media freedom (RSF)


President withdraws defamation charges against three newspapers (MFWA)


Two photojournalists attacked in separate incidents (HRNJ-Uganda)

Freedom of expression groups call on Uganda to improve press freedoms (Freedom House)
+ Joint mission calls on Uganda to safeguard free speech ahead of 2011 elections (ARTICLE 19)

WAN-IFRA condemns attack against journalist (WAN-IFRA)


Mayor faces arrest in defamation case (MISA)



Court in Tocantins overturns decision to censor 84 media outlets (ABRAJI)


Two former congressmen implicated in journalist's murder (IAPA)

Radio station attacked in Villavicencio (FLIP)


Two more writers released, exiled to Spain (WiPC)
+ Cuban journalist released, exiled to Spain; 16 now free (CPJ)


Journalists attacked amid widespread protests (Fundamedios)
+ Police uprising against President Correa leads to censorship and violence against media (RSF)
+ Twenty-two attacks against journalists and the media in the midst of protests by the police (Fundamedios)
+ Aggressions against journalists and the media during attempted coup rise to 31 (Fundamedios)

Cameraman's fingers broken during police operation (Fundamedios)

Journalist faces a libel accusation (Fundamedios)


Journalist tortured and killed (RSF)

Journalist robbed, threatened (CERIGUA)


Ten IFEX members and other organisations issue statement regarding dire press freedom situation in Mexico (CENCOS)
+ Mexican journalists demand president tackle climate of impunity (IPI)

Forum calls for a united Mexican press to combat crime, violence (IAPA)

Asia & Pacific


Kapisa radio station director still held (RSF)
+ Radio station director completes third month of being held for no good reason (RSF)

NATO frees Afghan journalist (IPI)


ARTICLE 19 and Information Commission train public officials to provide information (ARTICLE 19)


Government censors political parties' election campaigns (Mizzima News)
+ Burmese independent candidates resort to giving leaflets after TV, radio access denied (SEAPA)

Magazine's websites hacked (SEAPA)
+ Burma’s exile media hit by cyber-attacks (CPJ)


IFJ backs calls for “peace and tolerance” in media reports of religious dispute (IFJ)


CIJ calls on government to enact freedom of information law (CIJ)

Cartoonist released on bail but goes into hiding (RSF)
+ Malaysian cartoonist faces sedition charges (CPJ)

Political cartoonist arrested hours before launch of new book (CIJ)


Journalists attacked, publicly threatened in the city of Dharan (Freedom Forum)


Authorities arrest alleged gunman in radio broadcaster's shooting death (CMFR)


Freedom House expresses concern over public television integrity (Freedom House)
+ Government urged to respect public media's independence (RSF)

Europe & Central Asia


Conference examines advocacy strategies to combat impunity in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine (ARTICLE 19)


Journalists under siege after publishing articles on "Meat Affair" (IPI)

Kosovo (Serbia)

New bomb attack on home of radio journalist (IPI)


Vijesti Publishing Group journalists receive threatening letters (IPI)


Conference examines advocacy strategies to combat impunity in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine (ARTICLE 19)


"Güney" magazine editor on trial for "spreading PPK propaganda" (BIANET)

Journalists could face prison after judges file complaint against them (BIANET)

Trial of publisher, Ragip Zarakolu, and writer, Mehmet Güler, first hearing on 30 September (WiPC)


Conference examines advocacy strategies to combat impunity in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine (ARTICLE 19)

TV station decides to defy court ruling and continues to broadcast (IPI)

World's press calls for further investigation into Ukraine murder (WAN-IFRA)

Cherkassy TV banned from attending Party of Regions assembly (IMI)

Middle East & North Africa


Two Moroccan journalists released after being held for four days (CPJ)


Bahrain imposes de facto ban on travel against human rights defenders (BCHR)
+ Rescind travel ban on rights defenders, Human Rights Watch urges (Human Rights Watch)

BCHR concerned about "immense and rapid deterioration" in freedom of expression (BCHR)


ANHRI disapproves of refusal to publish book on Muslim Brotherhood (ANHRI)

Journalist sued for insult and libel by Saudi prince (ANHRI)

Security forces arrest political activist (ANHRI)

Judge withdraws defamation action against human rights activists and blogger (RSF)


Thirty-three IFEX members condemn excessive prison sentence handed down to blogger Hossein Derakhshan (ARTICLE 19)
+ Iranian-Canadian journalist Hossein Derakhshan sentenced (WiPC)

Journalist and "blogfather" receive heavy prison terms (CPJ)


Journalist seriously injured in targeted bomb attack, several others assaulted (RSF)
+ IFJ condemns targeting of media after journalist is hurt in bomb attack (IFJ)


MADA calls for solidarity with journalists after two are attacked and threatened (MADA)

Israeli security forces injure two journalists, briefly detain four others (MADA)


CPJ calls on king to improve media laws (CPJ)


MADA calls for solidarity with journalists after two are attacked and threatened (MADA)


ANHRI condemns actions against opposition newspapers (ANHRI)

United Arab Emirates

CPJ calls on the UAE to end journalist's 13-month ordeal (CPJ)


Authorities should free Shaea, repudiate abuse, CPJ says (CPJ)
+ Journalist detained; fears for safety (WiPC)

Cartoonist still held despite court's release order (RSF)

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