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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 26 February - 6 March 2011



Editor charged over leaked official document (CPJ)

Security forces obstructing journalists (CPJ)

Côte d'Ivoire

Pro-Ouattara newspapers stop publishing in protest against "serious threats to free press" (MFWA)
+ Amid continuing political deadlock, nine newspapers suspend publishing and RTI transmitter attacked (RSF)
+ Gbabgo and Ouattara camps attack press (CPJ)

Printer violently killed by suspected pro-Ouattara militants (MFWA)

Two detained TV journalists charged, denied bail (MFWA)


Court upholds fine against "Frontpage Africa" newspaper in libel case (CEMESP)
+ Court upholds jury verdict in FrontPage Africa newspaper defamation case (MFWA)


Police officers threaten to kill journalist (MISA)


Senate must strengthen and adopt Right to Information Bill, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)

Sierra Leone

Newspaper faces criminal prosecution (MFWA)


Radio presenter suspended over critical report (HRNJ-Uganda)

HRNJ-Uganda programmes coordinator briefly detained (HRNJ-Uganda)


Journalists' case referred to Supreme Court (MISA)

Defamation charges against journalist dropped for lack of evidence (MISA)

Newspaper copies destroyed (MISA)



Local courts allow proliferation of lawsuits designed to censor journalists (RSF)


CJFE calls for public inquiry into free expression violations at G20 summit (CJFE)


Newspaper faces lawsuit for publishing allegations against local prefect (Fundamedios)

Public officials discredit journalists and the media who do not support the referendum (Fundamedios)

President accuses newspaper of conspiring to topple the government (Fundamedios)

Feature writer could face legal action (Fundamedios)


Government should hold security forces accountable, protect journalists, rights defenders, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Media personnel attacked by armed individuals in Morelos (ARTICLE 19)

Puebla State decriminalises defamation (ARTICLE 19)


Expulsion of two Spanish journalists deals blow to freedom of expression (RSF)
+ Two Spanish journalists facing deportation after arrest during indigenous protest (RSF)
+ Critical Spanish journalists expelled from Panama (CPJ)

United States

Government should hold security forces accountable, protect journalists, rights defenders, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)


Newspaper intern receives death threat (IPYS-Venezuela)

Asia & Pacific


Foreign correspondents threatened with visa cancellation for "jasmine" protests reports (IFJ)
+ China threatens foreign journalists for "illegal" reporting (CPJ)

Foreign journalists detained, assaulted during "Jasmine" protests (CPJ)
+ Journalists covering protests instructed to "cooperate" with police (IFJ)
+ Diplomats, rights groups strongly condemn police harassment of foreign journalists in Beijing (IPI)
+ Investigate police assaults against foreign journalists (Human Rights Watch)

Authorities crack down on dissidents (PEN American Center)
+ Government detains, censors bloggers on "Jasmine Revolution" (CPJ)
+ Journalists held for reporting "Jasmine Revolution" protests (IFJ)


Journalist survives stabbing (AJI)
+ Journalist stabbed, hospitalised (CPJ)
+ AJI demands swift police action on attack against reporter (AJI)


Police interrogation of journalists sets unhealthy precedent, says IFJ (IFJ)


Two journalists receive death threats (Freedom Forum)

IFJ condemns arrest of two journalists (IFJ)


Freedom House condemns assassination of outspoken politician (Freedom House)

WAN-IFRA concerned over journalist's murder in Balochistan province (WAN-IFRA)


Death threats made against journalists (CJFE)

Key suspect in massacre attempts to escape charges (IFJ)


Concerns of whitewash in killing of Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto (CPJ)

Europe & Central Asia

Ethical journalism, human rights and new vision of media needed, says IFJ


Council of Europe Committee of Ministers must demand journalist's release, says International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan (ARTICLE 19)
+ Council of Europe Ministerial Committee calls on authorities to end Fatullayev's detention (IRFS)

IPI delegation encouraged by steps to improve media freedom (IPI)

IRFS hosts international conference on broadcast freedom (IRFS)


Police confiscate Macedonian news bulletin (CJFE)


IPI condemns gun attack, death threat against Turkish-Cypriot journalist (IPI)


Amendments to controversial media laws are insufficient, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)

Kosovo (Serbia)

RSF condemns US ambassador's "unacceptable attack" on journalists (RSF)


Investigations re-opened into the murders of five journalists (WiPC)


Writers and journalists arrested following police raids (WiPC)
+ More journalists arrested in alleged plot to overthrow government (IPI)
+ IFJ condemns police raid as Turkey tries to discipline dissent in journalism (IFJ)
+ Journalists' arrests chill free speech (Human Rights Watch)

Journalist sentenced to 11 months in prison for criticising mayor (BIANET)

Police raid newspaper offices, detain two journalists (BIANET)

Two journalists sentenced to more than seven years in prison for covering banned demonstration (BIANET)

Book on "Return to Life" operation banned in prisons (BIANET)

Journalist appeals against arrest, another applies to ECHR (BIANET) censored (BIANET)


CPJ concerned by irregularities in Gongadze case (CPJ)
+ CPJ alarmed by manipulation of Gongadze investigation (CPJ)

Middle East & North Africa

Iraq cracks down on media; violations ongoing in Yemen, Libya (CPJ) Iraq security forces raid press freedom group (Human Rights Watch)


Hold perpetrators of crackdown accountable (Human Rights Watch)

Cosmetic reforms not a substitute for real political reform, says ANHRI (ANHRI)


Authorities urged to halt detention, abuse of peaceful demonstrators (Human Rights Watch)
+ EOHR demands immediate release of 16 detainees at Al Wadi Al Gadeed prison (EOHR)
+ ANHRI calls for release of activist Amr El Beheri (ANHRI)

ANHRI condemns prime minister's media interference, attacks on demonstrators (ANHRI)
+ End secret detentions, free protesters (Human Rights Watch)
+ ANHRI welcomes resignation of former prime minister (ANHRI)
+ Prime minister's comments on private TV channels point to urgent need for state media reform, says ANHRI (ANHRI)


Security forces suppress protests, dozens arrested (Human Rights Watch)

Several journalists arrested, others based abroad receive death threats (RSF)
+ Freedom House demands immediate release of opposition leaders and their wives (Freedom House)
+ Free opposition leaders and their families (Human Rights Watch)


Journalists prevented from covering protests in Libya; Iraqi forces beat journalists (CPJ)
+ Journalists confined to their hotels, Internet disconnected (RSF)

Yemeni Journalists Syndicate stormed; Baghdad apologises (CPJ)
+ Force being used to restrict media coverage of street protests (RSF)

Several more journalists arrested, attacked, injured during "black day" for media freedom (RSF)

Death threats and targeted physical attacks against journalists on the rise in Iraqi Kurdistan (RSF)

At least eight protesters killed by security forces, dozens injured (Human Rights Watch)


Journalists prevented from covering protests in Libya; Iraqi forces beat journalists (CPJ)
+ Journalists confined to their hotels, Internet disconnected (RSF)

Journalists detained, broadcasts jammed (CPJ)

UN urged to suspend Libya's rights council role (Human Rights Watch)
+ UN: Act on rights council's decision on Libya (Human Rights Watch)
+ Oral intervention by CIHRS at the UNHRC 15th Special Session on Libya (CIHRS)
+ Suspension from rights body further isolates Libya (Human Rights Watch)
+ 16th Session of the UN Human Rights Council - statement by Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)

Security forces fire on protesters in western city (Human Rights Watch)


Authorities urged to investigate use of force in quelling demonstration (Human Rights Watch)


MADA hosts workshop aimed at enhancing lawyers' ability to handle cases involving freedom of expression (MADA)
+ MADA and Institute of Law hold workshop in Gaza (MADA)

Saudi Arabia

Authorities urged to free cleric who backs change (Human Rights Watch)
+ ANHRI calls on US and the European Union to stop exporting anti-riot gear to Arab dictatorships (ANHRI)


Yemeni Journalists Syndicate stormed; Baghdad apologises (CPJ)
+ Force being used to restrict media coverage of street protests (RSF)

Protester killed, at least a dozen wounded in shootings on peaceful protests in Aden (Human Rights Watch)
+ Reveal opposition figures' whereabouts (Human Rights Watch)

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