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13 March 2013

IFEX Digest | 18 - 24 April 2011


Freedom House study finds mounting threats to Internet freedom (Freedom House)



Member of Parliament sues Yarona FM for defamation (MISA)

Côte d'Ivoire

Journalists from two pro-Gbagbo newspapers fear for their lives (MFWA)
+ Call to avoid media vengeance by civil war victors (RSF)

Ban on international media lifted by Ouattara government (MFWA)


Media regulatory body slams state media over unfair coverage of opposition parties (MFWA)


Government urged to lift suspension of newspaper (RSF)


Political leaders must promote inter-ethnic understanding (ARTICLE 19)


Marked increase in attacks on media as elections held (RSF)
+ Post-election violence killed 800, says Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch)


Editor challenges prime minister on radio censorship (MISA)


Eight journalists injured in "walk-to-work" protest (HRNJ-Uganda)


Opposition party supporters attack state media journalists (MISA)

"NGO calls for government to stop advertising in "The Post" (MISA)


Private newspaper readers threatened (MISA)



Radio station closed in Roldán (FOPEA)


Five journalists physically attacked by police or protestors (RSF)


Power plant construction in Amazon violates freedom of expression and information of affected communities, says ARTICLE 19 (ARTICLE 19)


IAPA concerned at statute of limitations being applied in two cases of murdered journalists (IAPA)

Statute of limitations to apply to six murders of journalists (RSF)


Referendum threatens press freedom, says CPJ (CPJ)

Asia & Pacific


IFJ demands information on missing journalist (IFJ)


Journalist found guilty of "tarnishing newspaper's image" (CIJ)
+ IFJ condemns verdict against union leader (IFJ)
+ Head of journalists' union facing dismissal for criticising his newspaper (RSF)
+ NUJ president's resignation a step backward in media freedom, says CIJ (CIJ)

Ahead of election, cyberattacks cripple online media (CPJ)


Journalists assaulted in Sunsari; threats issued against the press in Mugu (Freedom Forum)

Journalists barred from accessing information (Freedom Forum)


In surge of violence, another journalist targeted in Karachi (CPJ)
+ Another reporter attacked by gunmen (RSF)

Radio station in Charsadda bombed (PPF)


Libel charges against publisher and columnist dismissed (CMFR)

Broadcaster arrested for libel, released on bail (CMFR)
+ Criminal defamation charges brought against Mindanao radio journalist (RSF)

President Aquino urged to stop killings (CMFR)

Alleged gunman in 2006 murder of Palawan radioman acquitted (CMFR)
+ Court acquits man charged in 2006 murder of radio anchor (CPJ)
+ Article fails to comment on city mayor's implication in the killing of journalist Fernando "Dong" Batul (CMFR)


Attempt to transfer burden of investigating camera operator's death on to Reuters (RSF)


Prominent activist sentenced (WiPC)

Europe & Central Asia


"Fifty Fatullayevs" outside London Embassy demand release of jailed Azerbaijani journalist (ARTICLE 19)

Swedish television crew detained, deported (CPJ)
+ Authorities arrest foreign TV journalists covering protest (RSF)
+ Swedish journalists held in migration office (IRFS)


New Constitution enshrines discrimination (Human Rights Watch)


Journalists threatened for reporting on murders (CPJ)

Digital switchover may not encourage pluralistic media landscape, IPI warns (IPI)


Despite 20 years of progress, Turkey remains a dangerous country for journalists, says RSF (RSF)

Middle East & North Africa

Summoned by Yemeni authorities, journalist is now missing (CPJ) "Al-Wasat" founder dies in custody in Bahrain (CPJ)
+ Co-founder of independent newspaper dies in custody in Bahrain, some journalists freed in Syria and Libya (RSF) Release detained journalists (Human Rights Watch)


Defense lawyer detained after night raid (Human Rights Watch)

Attack on home of BCHR president (Human Rights Watch)


Blogger Michael Nabil Sanad sentenced to three years in prison (WiPC)

Alexandria court postpones case of security chief, officers charged in connection with attacks on protesters (EOHR)


Journalist killed in double car-bomb attack (CPJ)

International community urged to press authorities to end abuses against demonstrators, journalists in Kurdistan (RSF)

Physical attacks and arrests make it impossible for journalists to work in Kurdistan, RSF says (RSF)


Israeli forces, settlers beat three photographers in Nablus (MADA)

IPI to hold Israeli-Palestinian journalists' forum (IPI)


CPJ condemns attack on news website (CPJ)

Government urged to strengthen free expression on campus (Human Rights Watch)


Second photojournalist dies from injuries sustained in Misrata mortar attack (IFJ)
+ Acclaimed photojournalists Hetherington, Hondros dead (CPJ)
+ Journalists killed in Misrata (Human Rights Watch)
+ Two photojournalists killed by mortar round in Misrata, two others wounded (RSF)

Photojournalist killed, three photographers wounded in explosion (CPJ)

Middle East

Journalists still being harassed in countries where protests getting stronger (RSF)
+ One journalist detained in Yemen, attacks in Iraqi Kurdistan and the West Bank (CPJ)


Israeli forces, settlers beat three photographers in Nablus (MADA)

MADA condemns killing of journalist, demands that killers be brought to justice (MADA)

MADA holds free expression workshop in Bureij camp, Gaza Strip (MADA)


Two Swiss journalists prevented from leaving the country for 13 days (CPJ)

Saudi Arabia

Dissident writer arrested (Human Rights Watch)
+ ANHRI holds government responsible for well being of activist Al-Johani (ANHRI)


African Union: press Libya to obey African Court's order (Human Rights Watch)

United Arab Emirates

Kidnapping of prominent blogger Ahmed Mansour sparks crackdown on Internet activists (ANHRI)

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