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Syria | Free Expression & the Law

A Syrian prisoner holds the bars of a makeshift prison run by rebels in a former elementary school in Syria.

Free Syria's silenced voices

Take action! Spread the word about the plight of civil society activists, human rights defenders and media workers, being detained in Syria as a result of their peaceful activism. Join the global call on Thunderclap now. READ MORE

Amplifying Voices

Members Campaigning Together

International Day to End Impunity


An alliance of 19 IFEX members working to promote and defend the right to freedom of expression in Latin America and the Caribbean.

World Press Freedom Day

Joining Forces: Members Calling for Action

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مقتل ثلاث صحفيين يعملون بقناة المنار اللبنانية في سوريا | @anhri #Syria al-Manar