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31 March 2010 |

Party literature cannot criticise military, says junta

The announcement states that parties have to register for printing election-related matter with the government under the 1962 Printers and Publishers Registration Act.
31 March 2010 |

Libel actions against media must stop, says RSF

In an open letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, RSF expresses concern over the judicial harassment of foreign news media.
31 March 2010 |

Organisers of photo exhibit receive death threats; government lifts ban

RSF calls on the police to investigate the death threats that have been made against Shahidul Alam, a well-known photographer.
31 March 2010 |

Foreign journalists to cover Armed Forces Day

Foreign journalists have not been allowed to attend Armed Forces Day since 2005.
31 March 2010 |

Journalist refuses to be silenced despite plot to kill him

Journalist Alfredo Zamora Nolly was told that hired killers had received a cash advance of 3,000 nuevos soles to kill him.
31 March 2010 |

Reporter who covered oil worker strike is assaulted

"We condemn the brutal attack on our colleague and call on law enforcement officials to quickly apprehend and prosecute all responsible," said CPJ.
31 March 2010 |

Two journalists freed on health grounds after being held arbitrarily for months

"We urge the authorities to put an end to the campaign of harassment being waged against the media," said RSF.
31 March 2010 |

Journalist convicted on retaliatory charges

Gustavo Azócar, an outspoken critic of the administration, had been jailed since July 2009 and barred from speaking publicly about the case.
31 March 2010 |

Journalist and two publishers released

The three individuals were serving prison sentences for publishing a Dari translation of the Koran.
31 March 2010 |

Newspaper editor and reporter summoned three times over libel suit

"There are absolutely no grounds for claiming that the article was libellous," said RSF.
30 March 2010 |

Four people convicted for killing journalist Carlos Barbon Filho

The accused were sentenced to 18 years and four months for murder, creation of a criminal group and the attempted murder of another individual.
30 March 2010 |

IAPA concerned after reporter is convicted for stating his opinion

Journalist Emilio Palacio was sentenced to three years in prison on a charge of defamation over an opinion piece.
30 March 2010 |

Artist given prison sentence for performing Kurdish song

The charges stem from the singer's performance of a Kurdish song at an arts festival in Diyarbakır in 2009.
30 March 2010 |

Sharia Court bans online discussion of amputation

The court banned an NGO from hosting discussions on the amputation of Buba Bello Jangebe on the online social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.
30 March 2010 |

Grenade blasts at two television stations injure 11 people

Authorities say the bombings are the worst since the Red Shirts started their protest rallies two weeks ago.
29 March 2010 |

Curbing free speech even more, authorities arrest two opponents over comments made in public

The arrests of two well-known political opponents, together with the government's intention of regulating the Internet, raise serious concerns about the future of free speech in the country.
29 March 2010 |

IPI welcomes launch of VOA satellite broadcasts

Only 1 per cent of Ethiopians have access to satellite television, where they can now listen to VOA on an audio channel.
29 March 2010 |

Newspaper editor brutally assaulted

Vasyl Demyaniv suffered a head injury and underwent surgery as a result of the beating.
29 March 2010 |

Journalist beaten, threatened for criticising mayor

Tamer Topcu was on his way home with his pregnant wife when two strangers approached him and beat him with an iron club.
29 March 2010 |

Two more journalists shot and killed

The car that José Bayardo Mairena Ramírez and Manuel Juárez were travelling in was shot at 21 times.

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