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IAPA condemns censorship, restrictions imposed by Senate

On 23 June, the Senate president restricted photojournalists' entry to Congress, extending the order to reporters the following day.
30 June 2010 | Mexico

IAPA outraged following murder of two reporters in Guerrero

Journalists Juan Francisco Rodríguez Ríos, and his wife, María Elvira Hernández Galeana, were killed as they sat in a cyber-café.
30 June 2010 | Pakistan

Authorities step up surveillance of online content

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority plans to monitor certain websites and block links to "blasphemous" and "sacrilegious" content.
30 June 2010 | Ethiopia

Leading critical newspaper reports tampering of its mail

The "Awramba Times" has been harassed for its critical coverage of the government.
30 June 2010 | Panama

Veteran journalist jailed on defamation charges

The charges against Carlos Núñez López stem from a 2005 story about environmental damage in the province of Bocas del Toro.
30 June 2010 | Rwanda

Skepticism greets arrests in journalist's murder

"The burden is on the Rwandan government to conduct a thorough, transparent investigation and to produce credible results," CPJ said.
30 June 2010 | Kuwait

Journalist released on bail, CPJ calls on authorities to drop charges

CPJ is also alarmed by reports that the Ministry of Information will prosecute Al-Jazeera's office in Kuwait for violating a ban on local coverage of Mohammed Abdulqader al-Jassem's case.
30 June 2010 | Malaysia

Lift ban on cartoons and repeal PPPA, CIJ urges

Three cartoon compilations have been banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
30 June 2010 | Kyrgyzstan

Cameraman attacked in Osh

Batyr Mamatzhanov remains in critical condition after suffering two broken ribs and a head injury.

Emirati writer fired from Arab League job over opinion piece

Emirati writer fired from Arab League job over opinion piece Writer and poet Dhabiya Khamis published a piece on her blog in September 2009 criticising the Arab League's performance.
30 June 2010 | Guatemala

Journalist threatened, intimidated

Martin del Cid Acevedo received a written message warning him that he would be killed.
30 June 2010 | Pakistan

Reporter gunned down in Balochistan

"Aaj Kal" newspaper reporter Faiz Muhammad Sasoli had escaped two previous murder attempts.
30 June 2010 | Egypt

EOHR calls for immediate release of website editor

The editor-in-chief of El Saf website was detained after publishing articles that criticised a local member of parliament.
30 June 2010 | International

As ACTA talks resume, new leak confirms fears about threat to online free expression

The leaked document shows that states are pushing for non-commercial online copyright infringement to be punishable by imprisonment.
30 June 2010 | Fiji

New controls over media industry and journalists deepen loss of free speech, says PFF

A new media decree legislates registration of all media outlets with a regime-endorsed "authority" given sweeping powers to protect the national and public interests.
29 June 2010 | Somalia

Eight journalists injured in bomb attack in Mogadishu

The journalists were covering a press conference at a police training facility that had been taken over by Al-Shabaab.
29 June 2010 | Egypt

Journalists, peaceful protestors assaulted during demonstration against police brutality

Activists have organised a number of demonstrations to express anger over an apparent beating death by police of a man in Alexandria.
29 June 2010 | Mexico

Television broadcasting facilities attacked in Coahuila

Armed individuals opened fire on the Televisa Laguna television station's broadcasting facilities in the city of Torreón, leaving behind more than 150 bullet casings.
29 June 2010 | Peru

IAPA rejects Congress's attempt to criminalise press act

IAPA condemned a bill stipulating prison sentences for "decision-makers of any news medium that publishes obscene or pornographic material".
29 June 2010 | Argentina

FOPEA concerned over hostile climate, threats against journalists in Bariloche

Journalists who have been covering news related to the assassination of a 15-year-old youth by a police officer in Bariloche have been threatened and harassed.

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