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31 March 2011 |

Authorities announce lifting of censorship among certain publications

The press censorship policy has been relaxed in accordance with the new Constitution although news and articles about politics and business will still be subject to the censorship board's approval.
31 March 2011 |

Reuters journalists come under attack in Syria and Libya

Citing diplomatic sources, Reuters said correspondent Suleiman al-Khalidi, a Jordanian national, had been detained in Damascus.
31 March 2011 |

WPFC condemns blocking of papers' Sunday editions

Workers at the Artes Gráficas Rioplatenses printing and distribution plant kept the edition of "Clarín" from being distributed for 12 hours, effectively preventing the newspaper from reaching its readers.
31 March 2011 |

Imprisoned journalist denied right to visitors

CJFE condemns the violation of imprisoned journalist Bahman Ahmadi Amouyi's right to visitors, specifically those by his wife, journalist Jila Baniyaghoub.
31 March 2011 |

Journalists attacked and prevented from covering event by indigenous community

The group included David Torres, of Gama TV, Washington Benalcázar, a correspondent for the newspaper "El Comercio Imbabura"; Christian Tinajero, of Ecuavisa TV station; and Enrique Portilla of RTS.
31 March 2011 |

National police detain Radio Progreso journalist

National police apprehended Pedro López, a Radio Progeso correspondent, while he was covering a take-over of a road in the community of Triunfo.
31 March 2011 |

PFF welcomes prompt police action over torching of journalist's car

"In an environment where the professional and personal lives of those in the media can often be closely linked to the communities they cover, it's important that journalists are able to work without concerns for their safety," says PFF.
30 March 2011 |

Journalist receives death threat after publishing article

Antonio Medrano received a phone call from an unidentified person who threatened to kill him, saying he would have to "face the consequences" for an article he published about constant complaints from Provincial Transportation Council users.
30 March 2011 |

Journalists detained in Bahrain; repression in Egypt, Syria, Libya continues

A CNN crew was detained at the home of Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR).
30 March 2011 |

Appeals court upholds journalist's sentence

In 2009, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal filed a complaint against journalist Ahmed Hosni Wadee in connection with an article published in "elShorouk" newspaper.
30 March 2011 |

Australian editor released on bail, faces trial

Ross Dunkley was released on US$11,780 bail because he required treatment for a heart condition, news reports said.
30 March 2011 |

Two journalists among scores killed in insurgent operation in Tikrit

Sabah al-Bazi and Muammar Khadir Abdelwahad were covering a meeting taking place at the Salahadin provincial council's headquarters.
30 March 2011 |

Violence against journalists continues in Chhattisgarh state

Journalists seeking to travel to the scene of a purported armed encounter have been repeatedly blocked and assaulted, reportedly with the sanction of the police.
30 March 2011 |

Protester assaulted, journalist harassed during peaceful demonstration

Wael Ladki was participating in the protest when he was assaulted by members of the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth.
30 March 2011 |

Newspaper banned, editor given suspended prison sentence

"Paroles" editor Jean-Marie Tchatchouang was convicted of defamation, and given a six-month suspended prison sentence and a fine.
30 March 2011 |

Photojournalist assaulted at court by district councillor

Kanungu town councillor Emmy Magezi Byarugaba was reportedly angered by media reports on his court case and the fact that photojournalist Patson Baraire was photographing him without permission.
30 March 2011 |

Journalist harassed by Hamas police

Quds Radio correspondent Mohammed Abdul Nabi was detained and assaulted by police officers while covering a story at a hospital.
30 March 2011 |

Director and editor of prominent station detained

Abdi Mohammed Ismail and Abdirashid Omar Qase were arrested upon their arrival at security agency headquarters in Mogadishu and were denied access to food, legal representation, and family.
30 March 2011 |

Erratic investigation into Japanese cameraman's death yields "utterly unsatisfactory" findings, deplores RSF

The provisional conclusion that the security forces did not fire the shot that killed Hiro Muramoto betrays a reluctance to shed light on the circumstances of his death and identify those responsible, RSF said.
30 March 2011 |

Increased harassment of journalists on eve of Freedom Day

Aleksandr Lomashkin was arrested for insulting a customs officer and sentenced to three days in prison; Ales Asiptsu was arrested for for allegedly "urinating in a public place."

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