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13 July 2012 | Algeria

Journalist convicted, another sentenced to prison for libel

Fatma-Zohra Amara was previously sentenced to two months in prison for libel, but had the sentence reduced to a fine on appeal.
22 June 2012 | Algeria

Four human rights activists detained

The activists were detained on charges of peaceful assembly, when calling for the release of another detained activist, Abdel-Qader Kharba.
21 June 2012 | Algeria

Journalist sentenced to two months in prison

The court penalized Manseur Si Mohamed for publishing an article critical of the Council of State.
9 May 2012 | Algeria

Crackdown on protest as election nears

Authorities have used arrests and other tactics to keep people from demonstrating in the capital in the period leading up to the 10 May 2012 elections.
23 March 2012 | Algeria

Two journalists assaulted by police

Mohamed Kadri was beaten up by the police outside the People’s National Assembly in central Algiers during an unauthorized demonstration by ex-soldiers demanding an increase in their pensions.
26 January 2012 | Algeria

New media law stifles free expression, says CPJ

Of the law's 133 articles, at least 32 can be used to restrict coverage by stifling free expression, CPJ research shows.
5 October 2011 | Algeria

New media bill needs further improvement, says ANHRI

While the penalty of imprisonment has been abolished in the case of media crimes, several articles of the bill still restrict freedom of expression and opinion.
4 November 2010 | Algeria

"Freed" dissident kept in near-isolation

The Polisario Front should allow Mostapha Selma Sidi Mouloud to freely contact his family, says Human Rights Watch.
28 September 2010 | Algeria

Two Moroccan journalists released after being held for four days

CPJ denounces Algeria's harassment of journalists Lahcen Tigbadar and Mohamed Slimani.
23 September 2010 | Algeria

Polisario arrests rare dissenter in refugee camps

The Western Sahara movement is holding Mostapha Selma Sidi Mouloud for "espionage" after he backed Morocco’s autonomy plan for the region.
22 September 2010 | Algeria

IFJ demands freedom of movement for Moroccan journalists

Mohamed Slimani and Hassan Tigbadar have have been denied permission to leave their hotel in Tindouf, according to the IFJ.
14 September 2010 | Algeria

Anti-corruption activist given six-month suspended sentence, fine

Djilali Hadjadj was arrested at the airport on 5 September as he was preparing to board a flight for France.
25 March 2010 | Algeria

Independent radio station's website blocked

"We fear that this act of censorship heralds the start of government control of the Internet in Algeria," RSF said.
19 November 2009 | Algeria

Newspaper supplement banned after reporting on corruption

A prosecutor banned "Sirry Lelghaya", a supplement of "Al Monaqsa" newspaper, claiming it was unlicenced.
9 October 2009 | Algeria

Journalist faces 16 politicised lawsuits

CPJ says charges against Hafnaoui Ghoul are "designed to silence a courageous and critical journalist."
20 July 2009 | Algeria

Moroccan reporter turned back on arrival, disputes between two countries blamed

RSF condemns Moroccan journalist Yahya Bentahar's deportation on 15 July, shortly after he landed at Algiers airport.
17 July 2009 | Algeria

Tébessa-based reporter gets six months in prison

RSF condemns the jail sentence handed down to Rabah Lamouchi on charges of lacking press accreditation and defamation.
10 June 2009 | Algeria

National daily's correspondent detained in eastern city

RSF is alarmed by the 9 June 2009 arrest of Rabah Lamouchi, the national Arabic-language daily "Ennahar"'s correspondent in Tebessa (460 km east of Algiers), on the grounds that he was not officially accredited by the newspaper.
20 May 2009 | Algeria

Four journalists face legal action for "defamation"

In yet another case, Nouri Benzenine, the former correspondent for "Echourouk El Youmi" in the west of the country, was sentenced to two months in prison and fined 50,000 dinars.
23 April 2009 | Algeria

Bouteflika urged to reverse Algerian press freedom abuses

The Committee to Protect Journalists has written to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to protest the rising incidence of press freedom violations.

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