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Our Annual Highlights


Each year, through collaboration and innovation, IFEX finds creative ways to raise awareness of free expression issues, strengthen the power of our network, and bring about real change through targeted campaigns and advocacy work. 2014 featured many events and milestones for the IFEX network – we've chosen five for special mention here. To learn more, you can search this site or contact us directly at info (@)

Exclusive hearing at the Organization of American States

  • In March, the Organization of American States granted IFEX-ALC, the regional alliance of IFEX members in Latin America and the Caribbean, an exclusive hearing on the topic of impunity. This was the network’s first formal intervention on impunity at the Inter American System on Human Rights, and included the presentation of their regional analysis of impunity and the right to freedom of expression and recommendations, which was welcomed by the commissioners.

Voices united in support of a human rights defender

  • On 24 May, our colleague Nabeel Rajab, human rights activist and president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), was released after completing a two-year prison sentence. IFEX united with other organisations in a 10-day countdown campaign, widely promoted over social media, demanding that the Bahraini authorities honour the release date. In a thank you letter, Nabeel expressed his appreciation for the work of the IFEX network on his behalf. IFEX also supported BCHR’s advocacy at the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in June, which was followed by the release of a joint statement on Bahrain by 47 UN member states, including the United States and the United Kingdom, strongly condemning the harassment and imprisonment of persons exercising their rights to free expression.

Right to information in Africa: A Game-Changing Report

Targeting Impunity and holding governments to account

Commemorating a tragedy, demanding justice

  • On 23 November, to mark the 5th anniversary of the Ampatuan massacre in the Philippines and in collaboration with IFEX members in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region, we sent out a global call to participate in a digital action to “Tweet for Justice”. Individuals from all over the world sent messages of solidarity to the families of the 58 victims. Thanks to the pro bono support of the award-winning design team at Juniper Park, their tweets appeared on an interactive “digital wall” at various candlelight vigils held in the Philippines and around the world. With every tweet using #ampatuanmassacre, the projected faces of those killed in the massacre glowed brighter, showing real-time support and outrage worldwide for these unpunished crimes. You can watch a video of the event here.

Latest Tweet:

No silence, no impunity: Why 25 May matters to survivors of sexual violence in #Colombia @womenslink