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16 June 2012 | Argentina

Journalist attacked, threatened with having his house burned down

Marcelo Massimini believes the attack is related to a TV report on the unsanitary conditions at a public school in Longchamps and the impact on the students.
1 June 2012 | Argentina

Journalist threatened at gunpoint by radio station intruder

Gustavo Tinetti told FOPEA he thinks the incident is related to an investigation he is doing on the 9 de Julio mayor, Walter R. Battistella, and accusations of tax evasion.
14 May 2012 | Argentina

FOPEA condemns death threats against journalists in Reconquista, Santa Fe

FOPEA called for quick action, stressing the need for an immediate end to the threats against Ester Lutz and Gustavo Raffin.
5 April 2012 | Argentina

Journalist threatened after investigating drug trafficking

"Drug trafficking is one of the greatest enemies of journalism in Latin America and, to some extent, it made the area become in 2011 the world's most dangerous region for media workers," says IPI.
21 February 2012 | Argentina

Reporter and journalism student threatened by armed assailants

Omar Millalonco and Lilen Mercado study journalism at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and work to defend human rights.
25 January 2012 | Argentina

Journalist attacked, injured by political activists in Santa Cruz

Mariano Martinez, a journalist at Radio FM Popular, was severely beaten and left unconscious by activists linked to the mayor of Los Antiguos.
2 January 2012 | Argentina

Canal 7 journalist and camera operator attacked

The team was investigating the alleged labour exploitation of 15 Bolivian workers, most of them children.
28 December 2011 | Argentina

IAPA trusts that law regulating newsprint will be declared unconstitutional

The organisation characterised attempts by the government to control press freedom via a law regulating the manufacture and marketing of newsprint as "malicious".
16 December 2011 | Argentina

IAPA renews its rejection of interference by government in newsprint production

Five committees of the Chamber of Deputies at an extraordinary session yesterday approved a bill declaring the manufacture, commercialization and distribution of newsprint for newspapers to be of public interest.
18 November 2011 | Argentina

Misiones radio station off the air following arson attack

The station owner believes the incident is linked to its critical coverage of local mayor Nelson Carvalho.
9 November 2011 | Argentina

Arson attack on "La Verdad" newspaper in Junin

A preliminary investigation indicates that the fire may have been deliberately set because several rags doused in kerosene were found on the premises.
1 November 2011 | Argentina

Reporters' van shot at in Cordoba

Journalist María Gracia Martín and camera operator Raúl Vicessi were covering a story when a young man pulled out a gun and pointed it at them.
28 October 2011 | Argentina

Journalist's killers convicted

Rodolfo Walsh was tortured and killed by the military dictatorship in 1977.
6 October 2011 | Argentina

Radio and TV station's antenna vandalised, knocked down

Norte Visión owner Daniel Longarela said he is very concerned over the incident since it forms part of a trend of attacks that have become more serious in nature over time.
3 October 2011 | Argentina

Arson attack destroys radio station in Buenos Aires province

The owner of 93.3 FM in Zarate says that security cameras show a masked man pouring liquid outside the building and then setting it on fire.
16 September 2011 | Argentina

Attack forces community-based radio station off the air

FM Pajsachama programming focuses on defending indigenous peoples, and for this they have often received criticism from other social and political groups.
2 August 2011 | Argentina

FOPEA condemns attack on journalist in Mar del Plata

Carlos Walker was beaten, robbed and shot after taking photographs of political posters that were on display without a permit on a street in the city of Mar del Plata
30 June 2011 | Argentina

Neuquén radio journalist under threat

There are concerns for the safety of Mario Sánchez and his family following a number of incidents of threats and intimidation.
28 June 2011 | Colombia

IAPA condemns censorship of Colombian daily, attempt to search Argentine newspaper's offices

The organisation calls on the Colombian authorities to investigate the purchase by unidentified individuals of all copies of an edition of the "El Heraldo" newspaper.
9 June 2011 | Argentina

Journalist's son eludes kidnap attempt

Sergio Schneider believes the incident is related to his professional activities, as he had recently received threats.

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