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1 August 2012 | Azerbaijan

Newspaper ordered to pay large fine in defamation case

Yeni Musavat was ordered to pay approximately US$64,000 in damages to Gilan Gabala Cannery LLC over a story published several times in the newspaper between 2009 and 2011.
13 July 2012 | Azerbaijan

President quietly signs amendments limiting access to information

IRFS believes the amendments were passed to make it easier for the government to hide information on the illegal business activities of the country's ruling elite.
27 June 2012 | Azerbaijan

Council of Europe adopts resolution on political prisoners

This is a crucial step in recognising that political prisoners exist in Azerbaijan, which is something the authorities in the country continue to deny, says ARTICLE 19.
25 June 2012 | Azerbaijan

Freedom of expression situation worsens in aftermath of Eurovision

Since Eurovision ended, critical journalists and activists have been targeted and the authorities have adopted repressive legislation aimed at further limiting free expression rights, says the International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan.
13 June 2012 | Azerbaijan

Award-winning photojournalist detained

Award-winning photojournalist detained Mehman Huseynov is the brother of IRFS founder Emin Huseynov. He is openly critical of the authorities and has been active in the Sing for Democracy campaign.
12 June 2012 | Azerbaijan

Journalist sentenced to two years in prison

Sahar TV journalist Anar Bayramli has been held in a Baku prison since February on trumped-up drug charges.
5 June 2012 | Azerbaijan

Imprisoned blogger released

Bakhtiar Hajiyev was sentenced to two years in jail on politically motivated charges after he organised a protest inspired by the Arab Spring.
30 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

Website editor detained, tortured, lawyer says

Officers also tried to blackmail Nijat Aliyev, telling him that if he did not admit to drug-related charges, he could face more than five years in jail under more serious charges.
29 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

Norwegian journalists held and threatened at Baku airport

Iranian-Norwegian reporter Amir Asgharnejad was forced to strip down to his underwear then made to stand on and spit on the Iranian flag.
25 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

Eurovision no party for peaceful protesters

Police attacked and detained more than three dozen protesters near the offices of the country's public broadcaster and host broadcaster of the Eurovision song contest.
22 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

Authorities violently disperse peaceful rallies

Police transported several dozen protesters from two protest locations to the outskirts of Baku and released them on the side of the road to find their own way home.
16 May 2012 | Azerbaijan

Opposition activist released from prison

Elnur Majidli was arrested at a peaceful demonstration in Baku on April 2, 2011, together with hundreds of other demonstrators who had taken to the streets inspired by the uprisings in the Middle East. He had been sentenced to two years in prison.
25 April 2012 | Azerbaijan

Journalist says he was tortured in prison

Zaur Guliyev, who was arrested after the Quba riots and has been held in pre-trial detention for more than a month, has accused the government of torture and psychological intimidation.
19 April 2012 | Azerbaijan

International NGOs call on president to investigate brutal attack on prominent journalist

The International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan is calling for an immediate, independent and transparent investigation into a brutal attack that left investigative journalist Idrak Abbasov in critical condition in hospital.
28 March 2012 | Azerbaijan

Three journalists detained for 12 hours

The three journalists, who work for Baku Information Agency, were filing the district police as they collected illegal bribes at a radar checkpoint in Salyan.
28 March 2012 | Azerbaijan

Ensure detained journalists access to lawyer, family, says Human Rights Watch

Since their arrest nearly two weeks ago, Vugar Gonagov and Zaur Guliyev of Xayal TV have been kept in a police holding cell and been denied access to a lawyer, and their families haven't been informed of their whereabouts.
23 March 2012 | Azerbaijan

Investigate musicians' alleged ill-treatment by police, says Human Rights Watch

Two months ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest, members of the popular band Bulistan report they were arrested and abused while in police custody.
20 March 2012 | Azerbaijan

ARTICLE 19 calls on authorities to ensure safety and security of detained activists

Despite repeated requests, their lawyer has not been allowed to see his clients since their arrest. No information has been released about the current health condition of the detainees and there is mounting concern that they may have been tortured and are at further risk.
19 March 2012 | Azerbaijan

Four journalists arrested over Quba riots

The four journalists were arrested in Quba, then taken to the Baku, where they are being held in custody. According to RSF's information, they have yet to be charged.
15 March 2012 | Azerbaijan

As smear campaign escalates, IRFS believes journalists' lives are now at risk

A new video targeting Khadija Ismayilova has surfaced, prompting IRFS to condemn the deteriorating freedom of expression situation in the country and express concern that any journalist who reports on the authorities could now be in danger.

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