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Spotlight: Censorship | Belarus

Belarusian publisher wins Freedom to Publish Prize

Belarusian publisher wins Freedom to Publish Prize

Ihar Lohvinau has received the 2014 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize prize, in recognition of his achievements in defending freedom of expression in Belarus. Since 2000 he has run Lohvinau Publishing House, printing foreign and local works of literature, history, politics and art, with a focus on work by repressed Belarusian writers.

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Belarus | Free Expression & the Law

Ice Hockey Federation urged to denounce visa restrictions for journalists traveling to Belarus

In a letter addressed to the International Ice Hockey Federation, media freedom groups note that while reporters accredited to the event via the International Ice Hockey Federation system will not need a visa to enter Belarus, they will need to apply for a visa if they want to report on anything else while in the country.

Belarus | Censorship

  • Belarus: Cultural censorship as state policy
  • Belarus: Cultural censorship as state policy

    Art helps to inform and educate people – and this is exactly what irritates the authorities. They prefer ignorant citizens that are easier to rule, and they use censorship to prevent people from thinking and questioning the reality presented by official propaganda.

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