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Benin Highlights
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Benin | Free Expression & the Law

TV station director sentenced to hard labour in Benin

A Court in Cotonou has sentenced Berthe Cakpossa, director of the privately-owned television channel Canal 3 Benin, to three months in prison with hard labour for airing a press conference in which a former government official alleged corrupt practices in President Yayi Boni’s government.

Benin | Censorship

Benin TV station censored amid presidential pressure

Benin's state-run media regulator, the High Authority for Broadcasting and Communication, has suspended the Canal 3 Sunday talk program Sous L'Arbre à Palabres for three months and suspended a debate segment on Actu Matin, a daily news program, for two weeks, according to local journalists and news reports.


Newspapers sanctioned for coverage of officials

Throughout December 2011, Benin's state-run media regulatory agency summoned more than a dozen newspapers to public hearings and handed them sanctions ranging from a public apology to indefinite suspension, according to news reports.

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