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Spotlight: China | Censorship | Free Expression & the Law

Profile: Gao Yu

Profile: Gao Yu

Journalist Gao Yu has been defending democracy in China for more than three decades, for which she has spent a total of seven years in prison. She is again imprisoned, serving a seven-year term. In her early 70s and in poor health, there are fears she may not survive this latest ordeal.

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Digital Rights | China | Free Expression & the Law

  • Profile: Liu Xiaobo
  • Profile: Liu Xiaobo

    China's most well known dissident writer and activist, Liu Xiaobo, has been imprisoned since December 2008, despite winning the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize and persistent calls by global leaders for his release. Served with an 11-year sentence for 'subverting state power', it seems unlikely that he will be freed before it expires in December 2019.

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Ending the killing of journalists: State action urgently needed via @cmfr #endimpunity #AmpatuanMassacre