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12 June 2012 | China

Authorities release National Human Rights Action Plan

There is no section in the Action Plan dedicated to press freedom. But the most striking omissions can be found in the text itself, says CPJ.
8 May 2012 | Kenya

China's media footprint in Kenya

The expansion comes as other, predominantly Western media houses are shrinking their media presence in East Africa.
3 May 2012 | China

IFJ releases report on media freedoms in greater China

IFJ continues to receive complaints from media all over China that they have been subjected to various kinds of pressure that prevent them from carrying out their duties.
9 March 2012 | China

IFJ Press Freedom in China Campaign Bulletin - March 2012

IFJ issues its March 2012 bulletin on the state of press freedom in China.
23 February 2012 | Tibet (China)

Blackout imposed by Chinese authorities

RSF is alarmed at the blackout imposed on the provinces of Sichuan and Qinghai, as well as the autonomous region of Tibet, preventing all media coverage of protest movements.
23 January 2012 | China

Press freedom suffered significant setbacks in 2011, says IFJ report

As the scent of the Jasmine Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa drifted towards China, central authorities tightened restrictions on the press, and stepped up intimidation of journalists.
8 December 2011 | China

Launch of new book on regulating access to environmental information

The book examines the legal framework for accessing environmental information and juxtaposes the Chinese model with international standards and best practices from around the world.
10 November 2011 | China

Human Rights Watch warns of growing threat of enforced disappearances

Despite the expression of support by elements within the government to end black jail-related abuses, the authorities failed to stop the practice.
27 October 2011 | China

Respect for free speech continues to deteriorate

The US ambassador to the World Trade Organization says that China's "national firewall" and website blocking violate WTO rules.
1 September 2011 | China

New developments in Internet censorship and control

The public's enthusiasm for the Internet and the government's fear of online protests has resulted in constant advancements in online censorship, reports RSF.
2 June 2011 | China

Attacks on free expression at a level not seen since Beijing games, says IFJ report

IFJ's report documents grave breaches of human rights occurring with increasing frequency and recommends urgent action be taken by international organisations to bring China's authorities to account.
1 February 2011 | China

New IFJ report outlines restrictions on journalists in 2010

The restrictive orders outlined in the report are a mere sample of the vast array of controls on information that journalists and media workers are known to grapple with.
11 January 2011 | China

Human Rights Action Plan fails to deliver, says Human Rights Watch

The government has undermined many of the key goals by tightening restrictions on rights of expression, association and assembly over the past two years, notes Human Rights Watch.
20 December 2010 | China

Report shows progress in environmental information disclosure, but pollution data still withheld

"Environmental agencies may have been unwilling to release information on pollutant emissions for fear of affecting economic development or generating negative press, but such an approach is unsustainable," says ARTICLE 19.
4 October 2010 | China

"Who said the Chinese never speak out?" RSF asks

"With perseverance and courage, journalists, Internet users, bloggers, artists, lawyers and intellectuals are managing to open breaches in China's censorship," RSF said.
1 February 2010 | China

IFJ report lists China's secret bans on media reporting

The report highlights the battle by local censors to control media commentary on a wide range of topics in 2009.
3 November 2009 | China

Survey of blocked Uyghur websites shows Xinjiang still cut off from the world, says RSF

More than 85 per cent of the surveyed sites were blocked, censored or otherwise unreachable.
2 October 2009 | China

Sixty years of news media and censorship

RSF participates in the anniversary by highlighting some dates that shed light on the media's evolution in China.
12 August 2009 | China

One year after start of games, Olympic flame extinguished for good, says RSF

A year after the Beijing Olympics, RSF regrets that the limited progress China has made in free expression has largely evaporated.
2 June 2009 | China

All references to Tiananmen Square massacre closely censored for 20 years

When Chinese Internet users search for 4 June in the photos section of Baidu, the country's most popular search engine, they get this message: "The search does not comply with laws, regulations and policies."

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