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Spotlight: Turkey | Censorship | Free Expression & the Law

Profile: Erol Önderoglu

Profile: Erol Önderoglu

A journalist and free speech activist, IFEX Council member Erol Önderoglu works for the IPS Communication Foundation - Bianet, and Reporters without Borders. He was imprisoned for 20-30 June 2016, after participating in a solidarity campaign with a Kurdish newspaper, and continues to be charged with "terrorist propaganda."

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Algeria | Censorship | Free Expression & the Law

Independent journalism under threat in Algeria

Algerian media outlets KBC TV and the El Watan newspaper were both victims of police operations on 23 June. In both cases, the authorities said the media outlets lacked the necessary permits. They gave the same grounds five days ago when seals were placed on the studios used to record the KBC programme Ki hna Ki enass, which employs 70 people.

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