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14 April 2015 |

Twitter users co-opt #HelloBaku to spotlight rights abuses

Twitter users co-opt #HelloBaku to spotlight rights abuses A social media campaign is undercutting Azerbaijan's attempts to use the upcoming European Games to whitewash human rights abuses in the country.
13 April 2015 |

South African writer confined after comments on Salman Rushdie

PEN American Center expressed outrage at the harassment and confinement in a mental institution of South African psychologist and novelist Zainub Priya Dala (ZP Dala) exacted in reprisal for her comments in appreciation of the writing of former PEN American Center President Salman Rushdie.
13 April 2015 |

What should be the qualifications of the U.N. special rapporteur on right to privacy?

Eight human rights organisations have developed an outline of qualifications that they believe are relevant to the selection and appointment of the Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy.
13 April 2015 |

Journalist faces charges after publishing report critical of Sri Lankan police

A freelance journalist was detained in connection with a story that alleged a girl had been assaulted by police in Jaffna city, northern Sri Lanka.
13 April 2015 |

In Venezuela, Tal Cual newspaper under pressure but not defeated

Facing government lawsuits, spiralling costs, diminishing advertising revenue, and the illness of its founder, the 15-year-old newspaper has downsized in a last-ditch effort to survive.
13 April 2015 |

Palestinian media student kidnapped and beaten in Ramallah

Palestinian media student kidnapped and beaten in Ramallah Palestinian student Bara Alqadi was kidnapped on 2 April 2015 and beaten by four masked and unknown men. He had previously been receiving death threats because of articles he had written and comments he had made on Facebook.
10 April 2015 |

Podcast: U.N. rapporteur on role of private companies in regulating online speech

In a radio interview with IPI, free expression rapporteur David Kaye shares thoughts on hate speech and online intimidation against journalists.
10 April 2015 |

Police investigations stall in case of weeks of threats against Bolivian TV journalists

Reporters Without Borders is worried about the lack of progress in investigations into violence against journalists and the climate of impunity resulting from the slowness of judicial and police procedures.
10 April 2015 |

Newspaper reporter arrested near Pakistan-Afghanistan border

A correspondent of a Pakistani newspaper was arrested by security agencies in North Waziristan near the Pak-Afghan border.
10 April 2015 |

Filipino columnist arrested on libel charge

A Filipino publisher and columnist facing two counts of criminal libel for his column on a drug pusher says his recent arrest was "a clear attack" on press freedom.
10 April 2015 |

Sudan makes 'bad faith' release of political prisoners

"We should not praise the government for releasing people it had no right to imprison in the first place. Releasing the detainees three days before an election is part of President Bashir's effort to legitimize a tainted electoral process," said Vukasin Petrovic, regional director for Africa at Freedom House.
10 April 2015 |

In wake of historic nuclear deal, Iran urged to free all unjustly detained journalists and activists

In wake of historic nuclear deal, Iran urged to free all unjustly detained journalists and activists Iran continues to be one of the world’s five biggest prisons for news and information providers, with a total of 46 journalists and Internet activists currently detained.
10 April 2015 |

India's free speech debate is alive and well

The Supreme Court of India recently struck down section 66A of the IT Act. The landmark decision signals a move towards greater protection of free expression in the world's largest democracy; but there is still much to do.
9 April 2015 |

Ecuadorian journalist's home graffitied after writing article critical of government

Ivonne Guzmán, a journalist for El Comercio, said she believed the message could be related to her most recent article in which she questioned the high cost of living in Ecuador.
9 April 2015 |

Macedonia reportedly subjects journalists, various state institutions, to unauthorised surveillance

PEN International and Macedonian PEN are deeply concerned by the recent revelations that the Macedonian state has reportedly been subjecting its journalists and various state institutions to mass, unauthorised surveillance.
9 April 2015 |

Omani authorities persecute online activists and bloggers

The frequency with which bloggers and social network users are arrested and convicted in the Sultanate of Oman reflects the appalling state of online freedom of information and expression there.
9 April 2015 |

Norwegian freelance journalist held in Yemen

Raymond Lidal, a Norwegian freelance journalist, has been detained in Yemen for nearly two weeks, according to his friend and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
9 April 2015 |

Slovenian journalist accused of disseminating classified information in articles about neo-Nazi group

In 2011, Anuška Delić wrote a series of articles, just before the Slovenian parliamentary elections, in which she uncovered alleged connections between the Slovenian neo-Nazi group "Blood and Honour" and members of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS).
8 April 2015 |

Tell Egypt you want Shawkan to take photos again

Tell Egypt you want Shawkan to take photos again Join CPJ’s campaign #PressUncuffed and tell Egypt’s Minister of Justice that photographer Mahmoud Abou Zeid ("Shawkan") should be freed and allowed to carry on his work.
8 April 2015 |

Human Rights Watch sues US Drug Enforcement Administration over surveillance

Although the Drug Enforcement Administration has indicated the program was “suspended” in 2013, this suit seeks to ensure the program is permanently terminated, that it cannot restart, and that all of Human Rights Watch’s illegally collected records have been purged from all government systems.

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