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14 July 2014 |

In memory of Nadine Gordimer, writer and anti-apartheid activist

In memory of Nadine Gordimer, writer and anti-apartheid activist Nadine Gordimer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Booker Prize died at age 90. Three of her books – Burger’s Daughter, A World of Strangers and The Late Bourgeois World – were banned by the apartheid regime.
14 July 2014 |

In Malaysia and Singapore, "bullying" aimed at deflecting criticism

Two defamation lawsuits were filed recently by the prime ministers of Malaysia and Singapore against online media regarding the publication of articles criticising their roles as leaders in their respective countries.
14 July 2014 |

Creation of Vietnam's first independent journalists association hailed

The launch of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City saw the biggest-ever gathering of journalists to promote freely reported and politically independent information.
14 July 2014 |

U.K.'s emergency data retention law a blow to privacy

U.K.'s emergency data retention law a blow to privacy "It is outrageous that instead of reforming its laws to address concerns about its involvement in mass surveillance, the UK government is renewing its powers to monitor the communications of people who aren’t suspected of breaking any laws," said Izza Leghtas, Western Europe researcher at Human Rights Watch.
14 July 2014 |

Journalists can still safely use TrueCrypt

Journalists who use the popular encryption tool TrueCrypt can relax. There is no evidence of any new or dangerous vulnerability in TrueCrypt, despite a recent scare over its integrity, CPJ reports.
14 July 2014 |

Journalist's arrest follows critical publications about Liberian president's family

The arrest of Octavian Williams follows a series of publications alleging that Mr. Robert Sirleaf – the son of the president who is also senior advisor to his mother – is an American citizen
14 July 2014 |

China represses peaceful expression under guise of protecting social order

Peacefully holding aloft banners calling for an end to corruption. Peacefully protesting outside government buildings. Peacefully gathering to commemorate historical anniversaries. These efforts have in recent months led to activists in China being charged - and in some cases sentenced - for such "crimes" as "gathering a crowd to disrupt social order."
14 July 2014 |

Iranian journalist faces 2 years in jail for "spreading propaganda" against government

Iranian journalist faces 2 years in jail for Marzieh Rasouli's arrest and subsequent sentencing follows the detention in recent months of a number of other Iranian journalists as part of the Islamic republic's crackdown on independent media.
11 July 2014 |

Widespread condemnation of 10-year jail sentences handed down to Burmese journalists

Widespread condemnation of 10-year jail sentences handed down to Burmese journalists Journalists and media and human rights organisations in Burma and abroad have reacted with shock to the 10 years' jail with hard labour sentences handed down in the "Unity journal" case over a defence facility report.
11 July 2014 |

Nepalese journalist's murderers sentenced to life in prison

Freedom Forum welcomes the Appellate Court's sentencing of three individuals in the 2012 murder of Nepalese journalist Yadav Poudel.
11 July 2014 |

Palestinian media worker dies in Israeli airstrike on clearly marked press vehicle

Palestinian media worker dies in Israeli airstrike on clearly marked press vehicle Hamid Shihab, a 30-year-old driver for the Gaza-based press agency Media 24, was killed in a targeted Israeli airstrike on the night of 9 July 2014.
11 July 2014 |

Journalists trapped as Egypt-Gaza border shut

Journalists trapped as Egypt-Gaza border shut
As tension mounts, the Egyptian government continues to keep the Rafah border, one of only two crossings that service the Gaza strip, shut making it extraordinarily difficult for journalists to enter the region.
11 July 2014 |

China's media regulator urged to withdraw new rules

The IFJ urges China's major media regulator to withdraw new rules which will interfere with journalists' right to work and prevent media workers from properly exercising their duties to report in the public interest.
11 July 2014 |

Iraqi government issues guidelines to regulate media “during war on terror”

The guidelines demand that media avoid making information about insurgent forces public and requires them to report on government forces only in favorable terms.
11 July 2014 |

Punish rape in Burma, not those protesting it

An enduring feature of Burma is the authorities' willingness to arrest people for protesting a crime that the authorities would rather keep to themselves. The latest example is four women in remote Chin State who were arrested for arranging protests urging punishment of a Burmese soldier arrested for the alleged attempted rape of a 55-year-old woman.
11 July 2014 |

Venezuela’s oldest independent daily sold

El Universal, which just celebrated its 105th year running, is the third leading private media company to be sold in Venezuela since March 2013. The publication has faced challenges from currency exchange restrictions and lack of newsprint.
11 July 2014 |

Ugandan High Court endorses closure of LGBT rights workshop

Ugandan High Court endorses closure of LGBT rights workshop The judge reasoned that human rights training on LGBT rights is itself a form of incitement to engage in prohibited same-sex practices.
11 July 2014 |

Criminal charge brought against Bolivian journalists who refused to reveal sources

A criminal charge was brought by the Bolivian government against two journalists from newspaper La Razón, accusing them of espionage for allegedly disclosing state secrets.
11 July 2014 |

Counter-terrorism legislation could suppress free expression in Somalia

The National Union of Somali Journalists is particularly concerned that, under the amended counter-terrorism legislation, media coverage of terrorist groups' activities could be interpreted as "supporting a terrorist organisation."
10 July 2014 |

Publishers acquitted, libel charges dismissed in Philippines

A court in Cagayan de Oro City acquitted a newspaper publisher from a libel charge in April, while the Court of Appeal in Manila, Philippines dismissed a libel case against another publisher on 7 July 2014.

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