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31 May 2012 |

AJI condemns rising number of cases of violence against journalists

In a recent incident, journalist Joseph Dervish was attacked after reporting on allegations of fraud and budget misuse for a fishpond project.
18 April 2012 |

IFJ condemns sacking of journalist by broadcaster

It is believed that the sacking of journalist Luviana followed her and some of her co-workers raising concerns with their employer regarding the company's management.
11 April 2012 |

Journalist killed in armed attack on plane

Leiron Kogoya was travelling to Mulia to cover local elections in Jayapura when an unidentified armed group opened fire on the plane.
20 March 2012 |

PFF supports no-treason call for West Papua

"There is no treason in freedom of expression shared peacefully," said PFF, while calling on Indonesian authorities to "follow through on the constitutional mandate to open up public spaces for all people of West Papua to share ideas safely with each other and their leaders."
16 March 2012 |

Five Papuans convicted for peaceful protest

Selpius Bobii, August Sananay Kraar, Dominikus Sorabut, Edison Waromi, and Forkorus Yaboisembut were convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for statements made at a Papuan People’s Congress in October 2011.
13 February 2012 |

Reporter found dead; Czech journalist arrested; young TV journalist assaulted by motorcycle gang

RSF urged authorities to shed light on the death of Darma Sahlan and not rule out the possibility that he was murdered in connection with his work.
26 January 2012 |

State intelligence law challenged in court

AJI and its partners argue that the State Intelligence Law contains vague and broadly-defined articles. They have just filed a judicial review of the law at the Constitutional Court in Jakarta.
28 October 2011 |

Human Rights Watch calls for independent investigation into Papua violence

In a crackdown by the security forces on a peaceful pro-independence demonstration in Jayapura, at least three people were killed and dozens were injured.
20 October 2011 |

Police arrest 300 protesters in Papua

After Papuan Peoples' Congress members read a declaration of independence from Indonesia, security forces shut down the gathering, beating and arresting protesters.
17 October 2011 |

Parliament passes controversial intelligence bill

Civil society organisations say the bill poses a serious threat to journalistic freedoms and civil liberties while contradicting existing legislation.
14 September 2011 |

Radio Era Baru forcibly closed by police

Despite last week's conviction of its manager still being subject to appeal, the station was shut down and its transmission equipment was confiscated.
8 September 2011 |

Six months in jail for radio station manager who covered rights violations in China

According to the station's president, Raymond Tan, the prosecution is the result of direct pressure by the Chinese government on the Indonesian authorities with the aim of preventing the station from broadcasting its programmes.
15 August 2011 |

Military documents reveal unlawful spying in Papua; Human Rights Watch calls for free expression rights to be upheld

Approximately 500 pages of internal documents have come to light, exposing the military's surveillance of peaceful activists, politicians and clergy.
27 June 2011 |

Former "Playboy" editor freed after eight months in prison on indecency charge

Erwin Arnada was jailed as a result of pressure from Front Pembela Islam (Front of Islamic Defenders), which objected to the magazine's publishing of photos of a bikini-clad model.
30 May 2011 |

Million-dollar defamation award to Suharto's son a setback for free expression, says ARTICLE 19

The youngest son of former president Suharto was awarded damages for a magazine article which described him as a "convicted murderer".
17 May 2011 |

Journalists denounce draft Intelligence Law as threat to press freedom

A group of organisations have issued a statement raising a number of fundamental flaws in the Intelligence bill.
13 May 2011 |

Four journalists attacked by police while covering peaceful rally

A police spokesperson said the Chinese ambassador had asked the Indonesian government to restrict the activities of the Falun Gong movement in the country.
9 May 2011 |

Mob storms newspaper office, three reporters injured

The incident reprtedly stemmed from an article in "The Orbit" alleging that a company was engaging in gambling by offering lottery tickets to its customers. Gambling is prohibited in Indonesia.
28 March 2011 |

Local radio station manager facing possible six-year jail term

Gatot Machali is charged with "broadcasting without authorisation and disrupting neighbouring frequencies" under the Telecommunications Law and could be sentenced to six years in jail if found guilty.
17 March 2011 |

AJI condemns bombing aimed at activist

"Based on the package sent, the suspect clearly aims to silence Ulil Abshar Abdalla through murder," said Nezar Patria, president of AJI.

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