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Spotlight: Iraq | Attacks

Two Iraqi broadcast journalists shot dead by masked men

Journalist Saif Tallal and cameraman Hassan al-Anbaki working for Sharqiya TV channel were shot dead on 12 January by some masked militiamen near Baquba, the capital of Diyala province in Iraq, on their way back from a professional mission covering violence in the Muqdadiyah area.

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Iraq | Attacks

  • Journalists in Mosul dying amid resounding silence
  • Journalists in Mosul dying amid resounding silence

    Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul fell to IS on 10 June 2014. Since then, independent media activity has been non-existent. All media outlets have been taken over and are now used to put out the jihadi group’s message. All journalists still in the city have had to stop working to avoid being the target of reprisals.

Iraq | Freedom of Assembly

Iraqi Kurdistan: KDP forces fire on protesters leaving five dead

Thousands of protesters had gathered in several towns and cities across Sulaimaniya governorate to demand jobs, payment of back wages, and the resignation of Masoud Barzani, president of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and head of the KDP. Two protesters and a third man died in the town of Fort Diza on October 9, and two others, both reported to have been unarmed, died in the town of Kalar on October 10.

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