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Joining IFEX


Why join IFEX?
As the global network defending and promoting freedom of expression, the organisations that make up IFEX are connected by a shared commitment to defend this fundamental human right. By joining the IFEX network, your organisation both contributes to and benefits from that shared commitment along with increased opportunities for visibility, joint advocacy and capacity-building.

Visibility: Members may submit content to the IFEX editors for possible inclusion on the IFEX website and in IFEX publications, which are distributed widely to the media, citizen activists, human rights defenders, academics and influencers in government, funding agencies and NGOs around the world.

Joint advocacy and campaigns: Members can take part in and benefit from the visibility of IFEX campaign activities, including International Day to End Impunity, World Press Freedom Day and other IFEX joint actions.

Capacity-building: The IFEX network provides support to regional initiatives, skills exchange opportunities between members, a variety of networking opportunities and direct support to members through training, grants and fundraising assistance.

Who can join
In order to apply for membership, your organisation must be:

- Independent, non-profit, non-governmental
- Your organisation's work must focus significantly on promoting freedom of expression
- Your organisation must have the capacity to engage and/or participate in the IFEX network

* IFEX membership is not open to individuals. For more information on eligibility criteria click here.

When to apply
IFEX reviews applications for membership once a year. The next opportunity to apply is early 2016.

What you should know before applying
Before requesting an application form, we recommend that you review the following:

1. What We Do: Find out more about IFEX's work, impact, history and structure
2. Our Network: Find out more about IFEX's members
3. Our Governance: Find out more about how IFEX operates and what members' rights and responsibilities are
4. Take Action!: Find out more about IFEX's campaigns and advocacy work
5. Our Homepage: See our information and awareness raising work in action
6. Our Publications: See how we share member stories and information about free expression issues with the media and public

What does it cost to join?
IFEX members must remit an annual fee based on their annual budget for freedom of expression work.

Organisational Budget for Free Expression Work Membership Fee
Up to US $10,000 US $50
US $10,000 to $50,000 US $100
US $50,000 to $100,000 US $500
US $100,000 to $250,000 US $1,000
US $250,000 to $500,000 US $1,700
US $500,000 to $1 Million US $2,100
Over US $1 Million US $2,500

How to apply
Request the latest form by emailing membership (at) ifex (dot) org and find out the timeline for the next round. Click here for a sample of the IFEX Membership Application form.

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