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Spotlight: Kenya

New Kenya security law undermines rights

The law, passed by parliament on December 18, 2014, and signed by the president on December 19, expands the search, seizure, and surveillance powers of the National Intelligence Service, curbs media and speech freedoms, and limits the rights of arrested and accused persons.

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Kenya | Free Expression & the Law

  • Kenyan parliament to vote on restrictive security bill
  • Kenyan parliament to vote on restrictive security bill

    Kenya's Security Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014 would, among other measures, expand intelligence agency surveillance powers. Several provisions would restrict media coverage of terrorist acts in Kenya, potentially inhibiting journalists seeking to report on matters in the public interest from doing so.

Kenya | Censorship

Kenyan journalist covering police detained, harassed

Last month, police threatened and briefly detained Justus Ochieng, a reporter for the privately owned daily The Star, in connection with a story he wrote that alleged criminal activity by police officers in the region.

Kenya | Censorship | Somalia

Kenyan authorities arrest Somali political reporter

The motive behind the arrest of Ibrahim Said Salah remains unspecified, but journalists believe that some politicians in Puntland are using Kenyan contacts to arrest the journalist, due to his reports on the formation of political parties in the northeast regions of Somalia.

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