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1 May 2015 |

Calls for Pedro Canché to be freed following 8 months in detention

Calls for Pedro Canché to be freed following 8 months in detention Legal proceedings that have involved serious rights violations have kept Mayan journalist Pedro Canché in jail since 30 August 2014 on allegations of sabotage.
10 April 2014 |

French president urged to discuss impunity during Mexico visit

French president urged to discuss impunity during Mexico visit Reporters Without Borders and WAN-IFRA have written to French President François Hollande urging him to raise the issue of the safety of journalists and impunity for crimes of violence against media personnel during his two-day official visit to Mexico.
29 June 2012 |

Two years since murder of Juan Francisco Rodríguez Ríos and Andy María Elvira Hernández Galena

A series of actions commemorating writers and journalists killed in recent years as part of PEN International's focus on Killings with Impunity in 2012.
1 May 2012 |

Journalist Marcela Turati sheds light on the social effects of drug trafficking violence

"The majority of Mexican journalists have become war correspondents in their own country ever since President Felipe Calderón launched his war against drug trafficking and the battles spilled out into the streets," says Turati.
20 December 2011 |

Meeting highlights common challenges faced by journalists, civil society activists

ARTICLE 19 and the Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ) held their first one-day meeting to share experiences of addressing violence against journalists, exchange best practices and strategies on protection, and learn from each other.
7 December 2011 |

Civil society organisations to host forum: "Justice for murdered and disappeared journalists"

The forum will be held in Mexico City on the 63rd anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
16 November 2011 |

IAPA calls on Senate to pass constitutional amendment on crimes against journalists

The amendment, which was passed by the Chamber of Deputies, would enable federal authorities to prosecute crimes against journalists and freedom of expression.
31 October 2011 |

ARTICLE 19 highlights absence of protection of journalists before IACHR

ARTICLE 19's submission highlights how violent attacks against the press have resulted in a chilling effect on the media in several cities, especially those gripped by the ongoing public security crisis.
30 May 2011 |

IAPA calls for renewed commitment to investigation into journalist's still unpunished murder

Thus far there is no information about the investigation into the 2008 murder of Armando Rodríguez, nor whether anyone has been arrested or charged.
13 April 2011 |

Government urged to heed UN Working Group's recommendations in relation to missing journalists

A preliminary report by the UN Working Group on Enforced on Involuntary Disappearances highlights a number of ARTICLE 19's key concerns, especially in relation to the disappearance of journalists and the lack of information provided to their families.
23 March 2011 |

CJFE urges US authorities to grant Mexican journalist political asylum

Emilio Gutiérrez Soto is currently living with his son in Las Cruces, New Mexico, awaiting a decision from an immigration judge.
4 March 2011 |

Government should hold security forces accountable, protect journalists, rights defenders, says Human Rights Watch

Deaths tied to drug violence and grave human rights violations have increased significantly since Calderón deployed the military in 2007 to combat drug cartels.
8 December 2010 |

Border editors, publishers, reporters agree to combat violence, impunity in Mexico

Participants at the Border Editors and Newspaper Publishers Forum analysed the situation facing the Mexican press and studied how to make the profession safer under government protection.
30 November 2010 |

IAPA calls for renewed efforts in investigation into murder of journalist

A letter signed by hundreds of newspaper readers was sent to the president, urging him to ensure that those responsible for killing Armando Rodríguez are brought to justice.
15 October 2010 |

IAPA posts video on anti-impunity battle in Mexico on Youtube

The first in a series of IAPA videos takes place in Nuevo Laredo, where the "El Mañana" newspaper finds itself caught up in the fight against the illegal drug trade.
29 September 2010 |

Ten IFEX members and other organisations issue statement regarding dire press freedom situation in Mexico

The groups agreed there is a need for freedom of expression and journalists' organisations to continue and add to measures that promote and support the right of journalists and media outlets to carry out their work.
28 September 2010 |

Forum calls for a united Mexican press to combat crime, violence

During a number of panel discussions, an agreement was reached to monitor the federal government's promises and support the formation of a system to protect journalists.
24 September 2010 |

President Calderón pledges to push for legal reforms and protection to safeguard press freedom

The president told a delegation from IAPA and CPJ that he will insist on making crimes against journalists federal offences.
19 August 2010 |

IAPA, UNAM wind up online course with forum on violence, press freedom

IAPA's president said, "This course has come at the right time, when journalists and media in Mexico have had to put up with the scourge of violence."
16 August 2010 |

Special Mandates on freedom of expression make landmark visit

This unprecedented envoy is a severe indictment of the rapidly deteriorating freedom of expression situation which has witnessed increasing impunity to the violence being perpetrated against its media outlets, ARTICLE 19 said.

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