26 January 2012


Freedom Forum releases report on press freedom violations

(Freedom Forum/IFEX) - There were a total of 12 press freedom violations throughout this month (16 December 2011 - 15 January 15 2012).

Himal Rai, reporter with the "Byline" weekly of Dharan, a city in the eastern hilly region of Nepal, was beaten up and robbed by Binod Limbu for writing news about a religious fair on 15 January. On 3 January, an unknown gang assaulted Tirtha Jaishee, a reporter with Bheri FM, in Nepalgunj, a city in the western part of Nepal while he was going to his office in the early morning. The gang also stole his tape recorder and diary. Similarly, a person named Subash Rai assaulted journalist Heman Yatri, who is affiliated with the "Naya Sansar" weekly under the direction of a teacher Raj Kumar Rai, over the news journalist Yatri wrote about a case of domestic violence in Morang, a district in the eastern part of the country on December 22, 2011.

On December 19, 2011, the banda (general strike) organizers manhandled Pushpa Neupane, a journalist with the Radio Mirmire in the capital city while returning from his office. Sharan Karmacharya and Hem Lata GC, reporters with ABC television from Banke, a district in the Midwest of the southern plain in Nepal, were manhandled by Nepali security persons and intimidated by the employees at the Indian customs office, while reporting on news of the misuse of a government vehicle by the Nepalese Army on December 21, 2011. Similarly, reporter Rohit Bhandari, and cameraperson Jayaraj Thapliya with Mountain Television were manhandled by employees of the Social Welfare Council while reporting on the agitation of the employees and corruption in the Council in the capital city on December 23, 2011. Inebriated Assistant Chief District Officer (CDO) Rajendra Prasad Ghimire at Tanahu, a

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Download the full report:
Freedom_Forum_Report_DecJan.pdf (81 KB)


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