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Nigeria | Digital Rights | Censorship | Free Expression & the Law

  • Nigerian Senate must withdraw
  • Nigerian Senate must withdraw "Frivolous Petitions Bill"

    The Frivolous Petitions Bill demands that persons seeking to petition state authorities on the conduct of another person must swear an affidavit. Persons who publish petitions not supported by an affidavit “shall be deemed to have committed an offence and upon conviction, shall be liable to imprisonment for six months without the option of a fine.”

Nigeria | Attacks

  • Nigerian media seek to cope with Boko Haram threat
  • Nigerian media seek to cope with Boko Haram threat

    "Insurgency came suddenly upon our country," says journalist Adeola Akinremi. "It has not always been there, so no one prepared for it. Even those in the military didn’t prepare for terrorism, let alone the journalists."

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