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22 June 2012 |

National Summit on FOI Act communique

Representatives of key stakeholders met to develop strategies and action plans for effective implementation of the country's FOI Act.
4 May 2012 |

MRA celebrates World Press Freedom Day with YouTube videos on free expression

MRA has uploaded five videos in which the group talks briefly on the significance of World Press Freedom Day in Nigeria.
1 May 2009 |

JOINT ACTION: ARTICLE 19 and MRA promote access to information in health matters

Participants at two pilot workshops organised by ARTICLE 19, in partnership with the Center for the Right to Health (CRH) and Media Rights Agenda (MRA), have adopted strategies promoting the right of access to information in health matters in two Nigerian states: Enugu and Lagos.
3 May 2007 |

Two IFEX members and others condemn presidential veto of freedom of information bill, attacks on journalists and media outlets

(IJC/MRA/IFEX) - The following is a joint statement by IJC, MTA and other organisations:

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  • Sign the petition to urge the Australian Government to immediately grant asylum to three journalist and creative expression colleagues enduring deplorable living conditions and abuse on Manus Island.

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