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14 April 2015 |

Letter to Canada's Prime Minister: Anti-terrorism bill cannot be salvaged

Letter to Canada's Prime Minister: Anti-terrorism bill cannot be salvaged Bill C-51 has been widely criticized as irresponsible, dangerous, and ineffective, and many Canadians are saying they won't be pressured into sacrificing their rights and freedoms.
21 November 2014 |

Canadian civil society groups launch Censorship Tracker mapping tool

Censorship Tracker aims to be an accessible and reliable resource that Canadians can use to gauge restrictions on free speech in Canada.
10 April 2014 |

French president urged to discuss impunity during Mexico visit

French president urged to discuss impunity during Mexico visit Reporters Without Borders and WAN-IFRA have written to French President François Hollande urging him to raise the issue of the safety of journalists and impunity for crimes of violence against media personnel during his two-day official visit to Mexico.
7 April 2014 |

Ontario's Attorney General should prioritise bill aimed at preventing abusive libel lawsuits

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, along with other organisations, writes to Ontario's Attorney General to urge her to make Bill 83, Protection of Public Participation Act, 2013, a key priority. The point of the bill is to create a process allowing courts to review potentially abusive libel lawsuits.
6 August 2013 | United States

Over 150 groups urge President Obama to protect whistleblowers and journalists

Over 150 groups urge President Obama to protect whistleblowers and journalists Over 150 IFEX members and partners of ARTICLE 19 appealed to US President Obama to drop charges against whistleblower Edward Snowden, update the Whistleblower Protection Act and pass a media shield law.
10 July 2012 | Vietnam

Clinton urged to spotlight Internet freedom during visit to Hanoi

The US secretary of state should press Vietnam to tear down its web firewall and release imprisoned bloggers, said Human Rights Watch.
29 June 2012 | Mexico

Two years since murder of Juan Francisco Rodríguez Ríos and Andy María Elvira Hernández Galena

A series of actions commemorating writers and journalists killed in recent years as part of PEN International's focus on Killings with Impunity in 2012.
4 May 2012 | Canada

CJFE reflects on the state of rights on World Press Freedom Day

"If we value press freedom, we all need to take a closer look at the state of these rights here at home. When we look beyond the words of the Charter to the daily reality for working journalists, we see a gradual erosion of freedoms. And our government is a contributing factor, " said CJFE.
2 May 2012 | Canada

Federal government continues to receive failing grade on issue of free expression

Federal government continues to receive failing grade on issue of free expression Examining issues including privacy and anonymity on the Internet, cyber surveillance, whistleblowers, access to information, and collaborative journalism, CJFE's third annual Review of Free Expression in Canada provides an overview of issues facing Canadians from coast to coast.
1 May 2012 | United States

California Legislature recognises World Press Freedom Day

The resolution recognizes the role a free press plays within California and throughout the world in sustaining and monitoring democracy, contributing to greater accountability in government, and promoting civic participation and economic development.
1 May 2012 | Mexico

Journalist Marcela Turati sheds light on the social effects of drug trafficking violence

"The majority of Mexican journalists have become war correspondents in their own country ever since President Felipe Calderón launched his war against drug trafficking and the battles spilled out into the streets," says Turati.
23 April 2012 | Canada

Bill C-11 casts shadow over World Book Day celebrations

IPA is sending a letter to Canadian ministers about proposed legislation that poses a serious threat to educational publishing and creativity in general.
12 March 2012 | Canada

CJFE marks World Day Against Cyber Censorship by highlighting concerns with internet regulations

"Although Canada does not face the same type of Internet blackouts or direct online censorship and takedowns as many other countries, this does not mean that we can be complacent, or that we do not have reason for concern," said CJFE.
21 February 2012 | Canada

CJFE calls on government to stop muzzling scientists and researchers

In an letter to Prime Minister Harper, CJFE and their campaign partner organizations urge the government to implement a policy of transparent and timely communication to allow scientists to speak to the media.
20 December 2011 | Russia

Meeting highlights common challenges faced by journalists, civil society activists

ARTICLE 19 and the Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ) held their first one-day meeting to share experiences of addressing violence against journalists, exchange best practices and strategies on protection, and learn from each other.
7 December 2011 | Mexico

Civil society organisations to host forum: "Justice for murdered and disappeared journalists"

The forum will be held in Mexico City on the 63rd anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
16 November 2011 | Mexico

IAPA calls on Senate to pass constitutional amendment on crimes against journalists

The amendment, which was passed by the Chamber of Deputies, would enable federal authorities to prosecute crimes against journalists and freedom of expression.
31 October 2011 | Mexico

ARTICLE 19 highlights absence of protection of journalists before IACHR

ARTICLE 19's submission highlights how violent attacks against the press have resulted in a chilling effect on the media in several cities, especially those gripped by the ongoing public security crisis.
28 September 2011 | Uzbekistan

United States urged to take tough stance on Uzbekistan

In a letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, human rights groups expressed concern over proposed legislation to permit military and other assistance to the Uzbek government, one of the most repressive in the world.
30 May 2011 | Mexico

IAPA calls for renewed commitment to investigation into journalist's still unpunished murder

Thus far there is no information about the investigation into the 2008 murder of Armando Rodríguez, nor whether anyone has been arrested or charged.

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