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Paraguay Highlights
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Paraguay | Attacks

Radio host gunned down in Paraguay

Edgar Pantaleón Fernández Fleitas was shot dead by an assailant who entered his law offices in his home in the northern city of Concepción before fleeing on a motorcycle with a man who waited outside, according to news reports.

Paraguay | Attacks

Paraguayan radio journalist killed after reporting on local drug trade

The Paraguayan Journalists Union condemns the murder of radio journalist Fausto Gabriel Alcaraz, 28, who was shot to death on 16 May 2014 near his home in Amambay department. Alcaraz was the host of the programme "De Frente a la Mañana" and often reported on drug traffickers operating in the area.

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58 people killed. 0 people convicted. Today we are tweeting for justice: #AmpatuanMassacre