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Journalist's home burglarised

(IPYS/IFEX) - Radio station Turbo Mix Canal 19 journalist Marco Bonifacio Sánchez reported that his home was burglarised on 9 October 2010. The incident took place in the Cajamarca region, in northeastern Perú.

According to the journalist, the burglars broke into his house to look for documents and videos related to his investigations about possible cases of corruption involving the region's police force. The thieves took 5000 soles (approximately US$1800), but left other valuable objects.

On 1 September, Sánchez was given a one-year suspended prison sentence after being accused of libelling Marco Aurelio de la Torre Sánchez, the mayor of Cajamarca.

IPYS calls on the police to clarify the circumstances of the incident in order to establish if the crime was an attack related to the journalist's work.

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