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Lawyer killed while investigating murder of journalist

A district attorney investigating the killing of Peruvian journalist Pedro Flores Silva in 2011 was shot to death last week, reports the Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (IPYS).

Luis Sánchez Colona, the district attorney of Casma, was shot six times and killed near his home in Nuevo Chimbote in northern Peru on 16 April. The murder was carried out by hired killers, says IPYS.

Although Sánchez apparently had not reported death threats during his investigation, his family members suspect that the killing was revenge for the lawyer's investigation into the crime against the journalist, reports the Knight Center. The investigation was Sanchez's main case.

Last week, Sánchez was supposed to present a report on whether a local mayor was responsible for masterminding the killing of Flores, since the journalist had exposed corruption by the mayor before being killed.

Flores was director of Casma's Channel 2011 program Visión Agraria, and had been threatened for months before being shot.

Three suspects from Callao have been identified as the perpetrators of the crime against Sánchez, reports the Knight Center.

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