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The Gambia | Attacks | Censorship

  • Gambian journalist details his escape from Jammeh regime
  • Gambian journalist details his escape from Jammeh regime

    "I wanted to use my new found freedom in America to speak up because I regained the voice I lost. The book is my source of rejuvenation, my symbol of refusal to be silenced, and the avenue to continue to expose corruption, mismanagement, torture, repression, killings and the general dictatorship in The Gambia. I feel I owe it to the suffering people in The Gambia", says journalist Omar Bah.

The Gambia | Censorship | Free Expression & the Law

Gambia’s 'green' revolution

Authorities in The Gambia have pressed charges against two journalists over an article written in December 2013. The report describes a meeting where 19 members of the "Green Youths", a group loyal to the ruling Alliance of Patriotic Re-Orientation and Construction, announced that they planned to join the United Democratic Party.

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