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United States

U.S. must explain surveillance on civil liberties group

An investigation by the media organization First Look reveals that Nihad Awad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, was placed under surveillance by the government in July 2006 until February 2008. Any alleged basis for Awad’s surveillance remains secret.

United States | Censorship

Websites of U.S. online sex worker community seized by FBI

Visit,, or right now, and you’ll only find the seals of the law enforcement agencies—the FBI, the DOJ, and the IRS—seized the sites as part of a prostitution and money laundering investigation. The seizure is an attack on the rights to free speech and free association exercised by a diverse group of people.

United States

U.S. government is urged to end Wikileaks investigation

“Criminal prosecution of WikiLeaks or Assange potentially chills not only the fundamental press freedom rights of journalists and their sources, but the right of all Americans to share and receive information," says the International Press Institute.

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