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  • Horseed Media journalist detained without charge in Puntland
  • Horseed Media journalist detained without charge in Puntland

    An editor at Horseed Media speculated that the arrest of journalist Omar Saeed Mohammed might be linked to a Facebook post he had written, alleging the involvement of Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali in a counterfeit money-printing scam.

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Syrian magazine banned in Douma and its journalists sentenced to prison

“Rising for Freedom” (Talaana Aaharih) magazine has been banned in Douma, Syria and two of its journalists sentenced to prison over an article published earlier this year. The offices of the magazine and NGOs including the Violations Documentation Centre (VDC) were shut down in March 2017, and VDC was closed again this week after being attacked by a mob.


  • Nigerian presidency inducted into
  • Nigerian presidency inducted into "Freedom of Information Hall of Shame"

    Media Rights Agenda (MRA) has named the presidency as the latest inductee into its Freedom of Information (FOI) Hall of Shame, accusing it of “a gross failure of leadership” and setting a bad example for other public institutions in the implementation of the FOI Act.

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