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World Press Freedom Day 2015

All your questions answered in IFEX's guide to World Press Freedom Day, one of the most important days honouring free expression

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  • Profile: Mazen Darwish

    Mazen Darwish is a renowned Syrian lawyer and advocate for free expression, internationally recognized as an invaluable source of information on the conflict in his country. He is also a prisoner, detained in Syria since February 2012 despite international efforts to secure his release.

Voices from our Network

WAN-IFRA World Press Freedom Day Editorial 2015

  • Since 1992, 1122 journalists have been killed in the line of duty. WAN-IFRA reflects on the numbers, and what they mean for journalists working today.

State of the media in SADC under the microscope

  • Oppressive governments understand the power of images. Last year, photojournalists and other media workers capturing photos and video were targeted by authorities trying to control the media. MISA has launched their 2015 edition of So This Is Democracy? with the theme "photojournalists under fire."

Assuring journalists' safety and independence

  • The continuing killing of journalists and media workers and impunity for those who kill remains the biggest threat to media freedom in the Philippines, says CMFR.

Strengthen press freedom to promote independent media

  • Cambodian media and civil society groups call on the government to protect a pluralistic and independent media sector and allow journalism to thrive.

Attacks on the Press

  • In its annual assessment of press freedom worldwide, CPJ finds journalists caught between terrorists and anti-terrorists. The press is abducted or killed by militants and surveilled, censored, or imprisoned by governments.

IFJ denounces war on journalism ahead of World Press Freedom Day 2015

  • The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) highlights repressive press laws, arbitrary detention and killings as some of the many fronts from which journalism has come under attack.

Women in media: Ten women killed for their work as journalists (1990-2014)

  • Despite the preeminence of women in the newsrooms, women journalists continue to be subjected to harassment, threats and attacks. This World Press Freedom Day, CMFR pays tribute to them and examines the issue of gender and media in the Philippines.

New Challenges, Familiar Tragedies – 3 May, World Press Freedom Day 2015

  • The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) and the World Editors Forum appeal for improved physical protections for journalists, an end to censorship and other pressures facing news media as World Press Freedom Day marks yet another tragic year for the profession.

Combating the Multiplying Challenges to the Right of Free Expression

  • We live in an age where news and information is flowing at a faster rate, to more parts of the planet, than ever before. Yet challenges posed to the right of freedom of expression are increasing at an equivalent rate, with cases reported daily of censorship, legal harassment, physical threat, and—only somewhat less frequently—the ultimate silencer, murder.

Dunja Mijatović: The good fight must continue

  • As part of a their series on the state of media freedom across the globe ahead of World Press Freedom Day, Index on Censorship features a perspective from OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović.

World Press Freedom Day highlights concerns about state of free expression in Canada

  • The slow but steady chill on free expression in Canada is chipping away at the fundamental rights enshrined in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, says Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.

Tunisia: World Press Freedom Day

  • Violence against journalists and legislative threats to freedom of expression must be priorities for the Tunisian government in 2015, says ARTICLE 19.

On World Press Freedom Day and journalists' safety

  • CPJ Advocacy Director Courtney Radsch reflects on UNESCO's theme for World Press Freedom Day 2015, "Let Journalism Thrive!", and what it means for media professionals caught in a terror dynamic in which they are both targeted by militants and increasingly censored by states purporting to respond to terrorism.

MEAA on the state of press freedom in Australia in last 12 months

  • In the words of the MEAA CEO Paul Murphy, "This has been a dire 12 months for the state of press freedom in Australia - for journalists, for the communities we serve and for sources that trust us to tell their stories."

AMARC launches international legal protection program for community broadcasters

  • On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2015, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) launches its legal protection and global advocacy program for the community media sector.

Turn Around and Go Back

  • ANHRI and the Maharat Foundation have announced the launch of their new report on the internet in the Arab world, Turn Around and Go Back, as well as a campaign to endorse Arab prisoners of conscience.

Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression and Responses to Conflict Situation

  • Special rapporteurs on freedom of expression from four regional and international bodies jointly call for better protections for media professionals at the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day conference in Riga, Latvia.

On #WPFD2015, attacks on press increasingly deadly

  • Few will argue that the world is witnessing one of the most sustained assaults on free press and free expression in recent history, says International Press Institute Executive Board Chair John Yearwood.

"Reasons for hope" IAPA president's message on World Press Freedom Day

  • Despite the obstacles to free expression and the atrocities committed against journalists and the news media, there is an air of hope for the Americas this World Press Freedom Day, says Inter American Press Association President Gustavo Mohme.

ASEAN: A region gagged by law

  • Issues of media restrictions, control and violence against journalists prevailed for most ASEAN countries in 2015, says SEAPA in a special World Press Freedom Day regional overview.

Dispatches: Why World Press Freedom Day matters

  • Human Rights Watch Communications Director Emma Daly outlines the risks facing journalists in conflict zones and repressive regimes, and explains why silencing journalists hurts us all.

PINA president statement on World Press Freedom Day

  • Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) President Moses Stevens makes an urgent appeal for improved welfare and security of media workers in the Pacific in his World Press Freedom Day address.

A reporter dies, thousands directly affected

  • As the world marks World Press Freedom Day, media workers in Nepal are mourning the deaths of thousands of their fellow citizens. Freedom Forum marked the day with the launch of a special report on the state of press freedom across the country.

Pacific press needs funds for freedom

  • Pacific media face the same problems as the international press – shrinking numbers and declining support as the world marks 100 years since the onset of global conflict.

Message from FNJ President Dr. Mahendra Bista on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day

  • On World Press Freedom Day, the Federation of Nepali Journalists pays tribute to all those who lost their lives in the devastating earthquake of a week ago, and offers its heartfelt condolences to those grieving the loss of their relatives.

ACM Statement: World Press Freedom Day 2015

  • In its World Press Freedom Day statement, the Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM) highlights emerging challenges to free expression in the region, including excessive delays in implementing access to information legislation and repealing criminal defamation laws.

Statement from four Thai media organizations

  • IFEX member Thai Journalists Association (TJA) joins voices with three other Thai media organizations on World Press Freedom Day in an appeal for professionalism and restraint in an increasingly polarized media environment.

The MFWA calls for professionalism, gender equality, and digital safety awareness in the media

  • The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) joins the world in commemorating press freedom under this year’s theme: "Let Journalism Thrive! Towards Better Reporting, Gender Equality, and Media Safety in the Digital Age."

On World Press Freedom Day, Human Rights Watch honours writers, activists

  • For the second edition of its HUMAN magazine, Human Rights Watch highlights some of the many accomplishments over 25 years of the Hellman-Hammett program for aiding writers in trouble. Many writers throughout the world continue to risk their freedom, and often their lives, by refusing to remain silent in the face of repression.

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