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Editorial and printer offices under siege; journalists held hostage

(CPJ/IFEX) - The Chachacha Road editorial offices of the independent
newspaper "The Post" are under siege after being surrounded by police
will not allow the newspaper's employees to leave the premises. Reporter
Sheik Chifuwe and the entire production staff, including five graphic
designers and three proofreaders, are being held against their will
water, food, or electricity.

**Updates previous IFEX alerts of 10 March 1999**

Editor in chief, Fred M'membe, and reporters Dickson Jere, Sam Mujuda,
Arthur Simochoba, who are also under siege in the newspaper's printing
offices, on Chandwe Musonda Road in the Industrial Area of Lusaka, are
being held against their will without water, food, or electricity.

Police officers have stated that they are "operating under orders", and
refuse to provide any additional information about their actions.

A habeas corpus hearing has been scheduled, on 11 March 1999 at 2:15
(local time), for detained "The Post" reporters who are being held in
custody since their arrests on 9 March.

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