Daily Digest: 11 July 2012

11 July 2012 | Saudi Arabia | Alerts

Security forces kill two protesters in crackdown on demonstration

Protests held on 8 July in Al-Qatif following the arrest of Nemr Baqer Nemr, a Shiite Sheikh and activist, were met with excessive violence by security forces.

Asia and Pacific
Compiled by Vera Top and Marianna Tzabiras

11 July 2012 | Cambodia | Alerts

Arrest of bloodied union worker sends message to visiting dignitaries as to state of free expression

A bloodied Long Panha is put in the back of a police van today at Wat Botum Long Panha was beaten while taking part in a peaceful demonstration by factory employees calling for a resolution to an ongoing dispute.
11 July 2012 | Japan | Alerts

Nuclear industry entrepreneur seeks massive damages from freelancer

Freelance journalist Minoru Tanaka is being targeted for his article investigating collusion between the entrepreneur, politicians, nuclear plant construction companies and TEPCO, the company that owns the ill-fated Fukushima-Daiichi plant.
10 July 2012 | Malaysia | Alerts

Blogger held under draconian Official Secrets Act

Syed Abdullah Hussein Al-Attas was arrested as a result of a complaint by a group of 30 people over controversial posts about the Sultan of Johor.
11 July 2012 | Maldives | Alerts

Country backslides on press freedom

Police detained private TV station Raajje TV's news chief Asward Ibrahim Waheed and Cable News Maldives journalist Ali Naseer during protests on 9 July.
10 July 2012 | Tibet (China) | Alerts

China celebrates Dalai Lama's birthday by cutting communications in Tibetan region

Both text messaging and internet access was disabled for two days in Ganzi prefecture, a Tibetan autonomous region in western Sichuan province.

Middle East and North Africa
Compiled by Lama Mourad

10 July 2012 | Iran | Alerts

Lives of several imprisoned journalists, bloggers in danger

RSF calls for the immediate and unconditional release of journalists and bloggers arrested for reporting news and information, a legitimate activity, or for exercising their right to free expression.
11 July 2012 | Syria | Alerts

ARTICLE 19 post censored by Facebook

The social networking website deleted a post that linked to a Human Rights Watch report on torture in Syria.

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15 June 2012

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