IFEX Daily Digest for 16 July 2012

16 July 2012 | India | Alerts

Newspaper editor shot, in critical condition

While the motive for the shooting was not immediately clear, Tongam Rina had written about a controversial dam project.

Compiled by Diane Partenio

13 July 2012 | Ethiopia | Alerts

Former state radio journalist released

A panel of judges sentenced Abdulsemed Mohammed to three and half years in prison but said he could go free owing to time already served.
13 July 2012 | Mali | Alerts

Masked gunmen seize, assault publisher

Masked gunmen stormed the offices of "L'Indépendant" newspaper Friday evening, firing into the air to disperse staff and bystanders before seizing publisher Saouti Labass Haïdara and taking him away. He was dumped by a roadside four hours later.

Compiled by Erin Woycik

16 July 2012 | Ecuador | Alerts

Constitutional tribunal imposes preemptive elections censorship

The tribunal lifted precautionary measures that had suspended the application of amendments to the Electoral Law, leading to restrictions to journalists' work during electoral periods.
16 July 2012 | Venezuela | Alerts

Regional newspaper target of explosion in Carabobo

The attack happened when, according to witnesses, three men riding motorbikes threw an explosive device at a truck used by one of the paper's news crews as it was parked in front of the paper's main office.
13 July 2012 | Venezuela | Alerts

Televen news crew attacked in Zulia

Inmates at Sabaneta jail threw stones at a Televen TV station news crew made up of journalist Jensser Morales and cameraman Walny Gonzalez.

Asia and Pacific
Compiled by Marianna Tzabiras

13 July 2012 | Maldives | Alerts

At least four journalists attacked in protests

Journalists have been attacked by protesters and police during demonstrations calling for President Mohamed Waheed Hassan to hold elections.
13 July 2012 | Sri Lanka | Alerts

Authorities must ensure security of journalist under threat, says IFJ

Shantha Priyadarshana Wijesooriya, an investigative journalist who has covered human rights issues and official malfeasance, was the target of an attempted abduction.

Europe and Central Asia
Compiled by Diane Partenio

13 July 2012 | Azerbaijan | Alerts

President quietly signs amendments limiting access to information

IRFS believes the amendments were passed to make it easier for the government to hide information on the illegal business activities of the country's ruling elite.

Middle East and North Africa
Compiled by Khadija Mahi

13 July 2012 | Algeria | Alerts

Journalist convicted, another sentenced to prison for libel

Fatma-Zohra Amara was previously sentenced to two months in prison for libel, but had the sentence reduced to a fine on appeal.
13 July 2012 | Bahrain | Alerts

Opposition activists testify about torture for first time

The activists have described details of the torture inflicted upon them to force confessions, and they have named the officials involved in torturing them including the son of the king, Nasser Bin Hamad.
16 July 2012 | Egypt | Alerts

State-run media threatened by Shura move, says CPJ

The Shura Council has announced it will be making the final selection for new editor-in-chiefs of state-run publications, following consideration by a 14-member committee that includes journalists and communications professors.
13 July 2012 | Iran | Alerts

Authorities prohibit news coverage of economic sanctions

In separate incidents, at least three journalists have been imprisoned over the last month.
16 July 2012 | Libya | Reports

Incoming government faces press freedom hurdles, says IPI

Journalists are calling on the government to pass and implement laws guaranteeing the media’s independence from government control.
16 July 2012 | United Arab Emirates | Alerts

Bidun activist to be deported to Thailand

Ahmed Abd al-Khaleq is one of a group of activists who had been jailed from April to November 2011 for peacefully advocating democratic reforms.

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