IFEX This Week for 1 August 2012

A scene from a student production of the Freedom Theater in Jenin
30 July 2012 | Israel | Palestine

Members of critical West-Bank theatre arrested, tortured

"A theater should be able to offer critical and provocative work without fearing that its staff will be arrested and abused," said Human Rights Watch.


31 July 2012 | International

Toxic bedfellows: sport, politics and human rights

In this cynical ménage à trois, it's human rights that gets tossed aside when no longer needed.

Compiled by Diane Partenio

31 July 2012 | Tanzania

Authorities ban weekly indefinitely

Local journalists suspect the ban may be related to a series of articles in the paper linking authorities to the kidnap and torture in late June of a physician who had led a doctor's strike.

Compiled by Erin Woycik

31 July 2012 | Mexico

New attack on "El Norte" offices, third in 19 days

The authorities have done little to guarantee press freedom, as investigations into recent attacks have not advanced and no one has been detained.

Asia and Pacific
Compiled by Marianna Tzabiras

1 August 2012 | Malaysia

Free expression set back by court ruling on cartoonist's case

A civil court found that Zunar's arrest had been lawful, while the continued holding of his books and artwork was not.

Europe and Central Asia
Compiled by Diane Partenio

31 July 2012 | Turkey

Courts start to free journalists under reform package

Under Law 6325, adopted on 5 July, prosecution of journalists accused of propaganda on behalf of terrorist organizations may be suspended or abandoned.

Putting free expression issues in perspective.

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13 July 2012

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