IFEX Daily Digest for 20 August 2012

20 August 2012 | Russia

Pussy Riot verdict reveals Russia's contempt for free expression, say IFEX members

Three members of the punk band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in jail for "hooliganism", in a case IFEX members say is a blow to free expression in Russia.

Compiled by Erin Woycik

20 August 2012 | Honduras

Honduran government announces plans for protecting journalists as online reporter is found dead

Journalist José Noel Canales Lagos was killed on his way to work for the online newspaper hondudiario.com; his murder brings the total number of journalists killed in Honduras in the past decade to 30.
20 August 2012 | Mexico

Mexican federal authorities cast doubt on arrests in murders of Veracruz journalists

Mexican federal authorities should assume control of the investigation and prosecution of all cases of murdered and missing journalists in the state of Veracruz, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. A state investigation into the murder of several journalists has raised numerous questions and concerns, CPJ found.

Asia and Pacific
Compiled by Marianna Tzabiras

17 August 2012 | India

India's face-off with Internet freedom

Although only 10 per cent of India's population is online, a divisive national debate over Internet freedom has implications for the country's economic and political growth, says Index on Censorship.
17 August 2012 | Japan | China

Japan releases Chinese journalists detained while covering a protest

Two Hong-Kong based Phoenix TV journalists were among a group of 14 arrested by Japanese authorities over a disputed territory in the East China Sea.
20 August 2012 | Philippines

A thousand days after Ampatuan Massacre impunity reigns, says Filipino media group

On the 1,000th day anniversary of the 2009 Ampatuan Massacre, not much justice has been achieved, says the Philippines-based group Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility.

Europe and Central Asia
Compiled by Diane Partenio

Northern Ireland journalist receives death threat

A journalist in Northern Ireland received a death threat over the telephone, reportedly from the Ulster Defence Association paramilitary group.

Middle East and North Africa
Compiled by Khadija Mahi

20 August 2012 | Egypt

Egyptian government attempts to suppress the media

President Mohamed Morsi's government and allies are pushing back against critical news coverage, suppressing critical journalists and state-run newspapers, putting a journalist on trial, and attacking three journalists on the street.

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15 August 2012

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