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6 May 2014
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Free expression news
SPOTLIGHT  |  Australia
Secrecy and surveillance: Report into the state of press freedom in Australia in 2014
Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance
Over the past year, the threats to press freedom have become more insidious in Australia. Metadata surveillance will make it increasingly difficult for journalists and confidential sources to safely interact without the source's identity, and the story itself, being compromised. Journalists are also faced with barriers to the free flow of information.
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Africa | Southern Africa
So this is democracy? Examining the state of media freedom in Southern Africa
Media Institute of Southern Africa
Americas | Venezuela
Unarmed protestors beaten, shot by Venezuelan security forces
Human Rights Watch
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Asia and Pacific | Bangladesh
Who is selling surveillance equipment to a notorious Bangladeshi security agency?
Privacy International
Asia and Pacific | Cambodia
Lack of transparency around drafting and adoption of laws restricts Cambodians' rights
Cambodian Center for Human Rights
Asia and Pacific | Philippines
Radio broadcaster shot dead in Philippines the day after World Press Freedom Day
Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility
Europe and Central Asia | Denmark
Danish reporters face trial over bacteria story
International Press Institute
Europe and Central Asia | Turkey
Barricades and tear gas prevent Turkish journalists from covering May Day demonstrations
IPS Communication Foundation
Middle East and North Africa | Tunisia
Members of the Tunisian General Labour Union attack journalists during protest
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
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25 years after Tiananmen ask President Xi Jinping to implement China's constitution

Pro-democracy activist Lui Yuk-lin shouts during a protest calling for the release of Chinese journalist Gao Yu, Hong Kong publisher Yao Wentian and Chinese lawyer Pu Zhiqiang, outside the Chinese liaison office in Hong Kong on 11 May 2014

Sign this petition calling for the release of journalists, bloggers and free speech activists detained in China, especially those held for having mentioned or participated in the 1989 pro-democracy movement.
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