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The Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety (IRFS) has got their journalists' backs covered - literally. Last week, they unveiled 105 special press vests made to help journalists be identifiable as members of the media during social events and protests.

"Our wish is to differentiate journalists with the ultimate goal of decreasing the likelihood that journalist are inadvertently subjected to force while carrying out their professional duties," says IRFS.

The vests, made from high-quality reflective material, has PRESS printed on both sides, and are likely to come into action before Azerbaijan's presidential elections on 15 October.

Five of the vests have been given to IRFS employees, 10 vests are for foreign journalists, and the rest will be distributed to editorial offices. The vests were made with support from IFEX.

For more info, see the IFRS website:

(24 September 2008)

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