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Tell president of Azerbaijan to decriminalise defamation!

Reuters via Human Rights Watch

The Media Rights Institute (MRI), based in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, has launched a campaign asking the President of Azerbaijan to reform criminal defamation laws so that they are compliant with international human rights standards. Sign their petition here.

Defamation remains a criminal offence in Azerbaijan, carrying a penalty of up to three years imprisonment. Criminal defamation laws instill fear among journalists and contribute to the widespread forced silence and self-censorship taking place in the county, thus depriving citizens of information.

MRI, along with other civil society organisations, has prepared and submitted to the government of Azerbaijan several proposed draft laws on defamation. The most recent version was prepared together with the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media.

Sign the petition and join MRI in calling for the abolition of criminal defamation legislation in Azerbaijan.

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