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A petition is being circulated urging the Indian government to protect Taslima Nasrin, an exiled Bangladeshi author, after an Indian Muslim group offered a 500,000 Rupee (US$11,800) bounty for her beheading.

The president of the All India Ibtehad Council, Taqi Raza Khan, said last month that he would reward anyone who carried out the extermination of the "notorious woman." The only way he would lift the bounty would be if Nasrin "apologises, burns her books, and leaves."

Nasrin was forced to leave her home in Bangladesh in 1994 after receiving death threats over her books that criticised Islam and its treatment of women.

The petition was created by activist Maryam Namazie (email: [email protected]). To sign the petition, click here:

(17 April 2007)

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