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Activist accused of assaulting journalists arrested at pro-government rally

(RSF/IFEX) - Self-proclaimed pro-government activist Adolfo Tito Cerrudo Dávila, who is facing two cases of assault against journalists, was arrested during a demonstration in La Paz on 16 March 2009 for failing to comply with the terms of a judicial order.

On 6 March 2008, Juan Carlos Rocha Cavaría, editor of the privately-owned daily "La Razón", filed a complaint against Cerrudo after the activist issued death threats and threatened to rape a journalist working for the newspaper. The accused failed to attend a court hearing.

Cerrudo is also facing charges of assault and "impeding (a journalist's) freedom to work" following an October 2008 incident which prompted complaints by Javier Fernando Alanota of the privately-owned ATB media group and Jorge Tejerina of the Cadena A network.

Cerrudo is the second person in Bolivia currently imprisoned for an attack involving the media.

Updates the Alanota and the "La Razón" journalist's cases:

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