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Journalist's son flees the country following threats

(ANP/IFEX) - 8 November 2011 - Journalist Mónica Oblitas reports that her son has fled the country out of concerns for his safety.

In a 4 April story published in the La Paz-based newspaper "La Prensa", Oblitas reported that forensic doctor Erika Hinojosa had falsified some reports in exchange for money. Since then, the journalist has been receiving threats, some of which were also directed at her son.

"After the reports, I started to receive threats, on my mobile phone and via e-mail. I can't say with certainty that she (Hinojosa) is behind the threats but the message is very clear. One of the messages said: You like to play with forensic matters, the next (death certificate) will be yours," the journalist told ANP.

Hinojosa filed a complaint against Oblitas at the National Tribunal for Journalistic Ethics (Tribunal Nacional de Ética Periodística, TNEP), but the tribunal rejected the case.

"I feel like I am in danger. It's not right if those of us who report on crimes committed by others end up having to pay the price," Oblitas said. She lamented the fact that other La Paz journalists had not shown their support by investigating the story.

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