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Canadian whistleblower suspended without pay

Federal fraud investigator Sylvie Therrien has been suspended without pay by the federal government after leaking documents in February revealing that investigators were given quotas to be met by denying employment insurance claims. Ms. Therrien told the CBC that she and other investigators were required to deny $485,000 worth of claims per year. According to Ms. Therrien, this resulted in claims being handled in an unbalanced manner.

The Toronto Star has reported Ms. Therrien as saying that she was “penalized” for failing to meet her monthly quota. The federal government has claimed that investigators are merely given performance objectives, not quotas, and that those who do not meet the $485,000 threshold do not face “negative consequences.”

Canada has a poor track record with whistleblower protection. CJFE is deeply troubled by how Ms Therrien has been treated for her courageous decision to come forward to present information in the public interest.

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