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Four Tibetan monks arrested for photographing self-immolation

(RSF/IFEX) - The Chinese authorities have again raided a Tibetan monastery in order to arrest monks for circulating information about self-immolation protests. This time the target was Dokar monastery in Hezuo (Tsoe in Tibetan), in the western province Gansu.

Following the self-immolations of Sangay Gyatso on 6 October and Tamdin Dorjee on 13 October, the police swooped on Dokar monastery on 17 October and arrested four Tibetan monks - Jigme Gyatso, Kalsang Gyatso, Kunchok Gyatso and Tashi Gyatso - for taking photos of Sangay Gyatso's body.

The Chinese authorities have placed the entire Hezuo region under close surveillance and put pressure on Sangay Gyatso's family to sign a statement that his self-immolation protest was not targeted against China's rule over Tibet.

At least 54 Tibetans have set fire to themselves since 2009 in protest against Chinese rule.

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