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Government issues clarification on previous prohibition of electoral "proselytism" by community radio stations

(FLIP/IFEX) - In a new press release issued on 13 August 2007, brought to FLIP's attention a few days later, the Communications Ministry clarified the definition of "proselytism" referred to in Law 1981 issued of 2003, which stipulates regulations for the operation of community radio stations. In a prior press release, the government had prohibited the stations from interviewing political candidates or including political debates in their programming.

The government has now defined "proselytism" as "activities aimed at garnering support for a religious or political group or cause (?) It is therefore not compatible with the goals and characteristics of community broadcasting, which is a public service aimed at serving its target community and involving that community in the process."

The government clarified that community media are prohibited from broadcasting political propaganda. Political debates and interviews with political candidates are permitted.

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