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Two political candidates arrested in connection with journalist's murder

(FLIP/IPYS/IFEX) - On 12 September 2007, Juan Pablo Ariza, a municipal council candidate, and Abelardo Rueda Tobón, a departmental assembly candidate, were arrested in Barrancabermeja, Santander, in connection with the 6 April 2003 murder of journalist José Emeterio Rivas.

The arrests were carried out by officers of the Judicial Police and the Technical Department of Investigations (Cuerpo Técnico de Investigación, CTI) of Barrancabermeja and Bucaramanga, after a warrant was issued on 12 September by the Human Rights Unit of the Attorney General's Office. Ariza and Rueda have been charged with aggravated homicide and collusion.

After having been arraigned in Barrancabermeja's Law Courts, the two men were taken to Bucaramanga's Model Prison and handed over to the 40th Prosecutor's Office assigned to Bogotá's Tribunal.

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