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Judge issues order for arrest of "Semana" magazine editor

(FLIP/IFEX) - A criminal court judge has issued an arrest warrant for "Semana" magazine editor Alejandro Santos after coming to the conclusion that the magazine has failed to completely carry out a previous court order. The arrest warrant calls for Santos' detention for three days and also applies a fine equivalent to six months of salary at minimum wage. The decision came as a result of a complaint originally filed by Judge José Alfredo Escobar Araújo, of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (Consejo Superior de la Judicatura). Escobar Araújo began the proceedings against "Semana" after the magazine published an article entitled "The 'patrons' of justice" on 28 April 2008. In fulfillment of two previous rulings, the magazine had twice published corrections of the article.

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